First Impressions: Musiq Tunes To A Different Frequency

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let's all have selective anmenisa and forget that Musiq Soulchild unleashed that horrid "Radio" to a not so easily duped public. Okay, so you've cleared your chi and you're ready to take in the Philly native's fifth installment, Onmyradio, with an uncluttered mind. Musiq and John Legend must have gotten together and knocked back a couple of Red Bulls, as Musiq piles on some sleek electro-funk to his lush soul repertoire. While its a move to gain more "radio" appeal, it works effectively on a few of the tracks. The insanely engaging opener, "Backagain" is a smart opener while the atmospheric sweet soul of "Until" is attractive and elegant. Also on par is Musiq's duet ("IfUleave") with the Queen of Hip-Hop and Soul herself, Mary J. Blige. The track is quite charming and makes me wonder why these two haven't done something together sooner. While there are some highs, Onmyradio experiences some lows as some of the songs sound like typical R&B fodder that any old joe in a fedora and suit could croon to (particularly "Dear John" and a dragging "Someone"). Still Musiq redeems himself whenever he takes a small misstep. Such is the case with, "Sobeautiful" which is a pearl of a track and it gleams in all of it's neo-soul glory. It's almost as if Musiq time traveled back to his early days and captured a moment from that period and its warmly welcomed. Onmyradio, does play into wanting to be mainstream...but it's the moments where Musiq is true to his soulful roots, where he really shines.

Rating: 8.8/10
Release Date: December 9, 2008





  1. Musiq Soulchild is amazing, 'Radio' was very disturbing in the sense that it just didn't seem as though it was the Musiq Soulchild that fans know and love. It's pleasing to know that he hasn't shyed away from his roots and amazing capabilities to put out a commercial album and that 'Radio' was just a blip. lol

    His last album was very good and so were his previous albums, this is an artist that can truly deliver the goods.

  2. "Sobeautiful" makes up for "Radio"...seriously, that song is fantastic

    I'm slapping my hand, because I haven't listened to the album he released last year...I should get around to that :)


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