First Impressions: Slip Into A 1983 Degree Fever

Monday, December 15, 2008

"Stop, think about it, don't throw it away, recycle it"...this is the motto that is blared out in Sam Sparro's track, "Recycle It!" and the Aussie born singer sticks to this mantra throughout his 2008 debut album. If you missed the parties of 1983 disco nights, then you don't have to build a time machine to get there...all you have to do is pop in Sparro's self-titled debut and you're all set to don the spandex, hipster shades and legwarmers. In an attempt to recapture the synth n' bass magic of 80's funk, Sparro's debut feels like if Prince, Cameo, SOS Band, ABC, Duran Duran and Grandmaster Flash all got together and made an album. It's sounds quite eclectic and scatter brained...but it fantastically works. While some, even Sparro himself, haven't been pleased with the outcome of this album ("pretentious" is a word being thrown around alot)...I find this album utterly pleasing as Sam's white boy soul vocal chops wash over the stark electric throbs deliciously. With the monster throb of the album's central (and best) track, "Black & Gold", Sparro's debut glistens and gleams like sleek vinyl. Sparro resurrects Rick James funk on the throbbing, "Sally", sounds eerily like Duran Duran's Simon LeBon on the sinister, "Sick" and he brings on a swinging electro-funk swagger to, "Too Many Questions". The bass driven "21st Century Life" grooves right along in a liberal march while the more than meets the ear "Pocket" is brutally stirring. Sparro has quite a promising kick start to his career as this album is a sparkling firecracker of liberal musings (some songs don't appear as they sound...) and break dancing funk dance floor beats. Call me an easy sell, but Sparro's got something darn good here.

Rating: 9.5/10
Release Date: June 24, 2008

"Puttin' On The Ritz 2008"...just sayin'...that must've been uncomfortable for that guy who comes out of that trunk...slow motion strutting--an essential music video effect


  1. Love him! It's a shame that his North American tour got scrapped due to his drummer having Visa issues. He should totally team up with a couple acts like Frankmusik and Alphabeat and take their show this way. It'd do amazingly!



  2. Yay Will! Wow, I didn't know that about his drummer...that sucks, I would've loved it if he had dropped by the States...once again a talent that we will never see...I'm glad you like him, most bloggers and people think he's awful...I don't know why, maybe it's the shades or the emo side part? Or maybe he pissed them off with some comments...confused as to why he gets shafted alot


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