The Gospel: Adapt Or Die...Warner Removes Vids From YouTube

Monday, December 22, 2008

Warner Brothers needs to be in kindergarten styled time-out chair for the sheer dumbness they have exuded. Just yesterday, the record label ordered YouTube, the mother load of music video viewing, to remove all of their videos from the site. Don't think it's a big deal? Well, under Warner's umbrella of smaller labels, videos from labels Elektra, Atlantic, Bad Boy, Rhino, Asylum, Maverick, Sire and Reprise, will also have videos removed. Whaaawhat?! It has been reported, that there was some bad blood between Warner Bros. and YouTube as Warner was looking for a bigger share of profit and the video viewing site wasn't about to give it to them, thus the licenses between the two defunct. Hmm...sounds like someone was getting their Ebenezer Scrooge on a little too soon. As YouTube is one of the web's largest sites, it's quite shocking that they have taken this cue. At the present time, they have removed their affiliated videos, but in the meantime are working to correct the problem...maybe hopefully by the new year. In this day and age where music videos are scarce on television, most love the idea of viewing a video online at their leisure, but now it seems entertainment companies are feeling the bareness of their pockets, and aren't seeing eye to eye with some of their partners. I'm not a monetary expert (just look at my bare wallet) and I don't claim to know a whole lot about the music industry, but you can fool me with this, it stinks like moldy old cheese. I find it quite idiotic how record companies tend to ban things from the Internet, when the Internet is one of the biggest forms of publicity that we have that supports music and the artists that create it, not to mention the companies themselves. I'd just wish that in the coming new year that these record labels would wake up, get with the times and know that promoting on the Web is more profitable and benefiting than trying to use old fashioned promoting's just not working anymore. Adapt to the times or die!

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