The Gospel: Common Believes Obama Will Change Hip-Hop...Do You?

Friday, December 12, 2008

The day after the Presidential election, I heard one negative comment in my morning class. It was simply this: "Damn, now that Obama's in office, rap music will never go away." While it was a doozy of a comment, it got me thinking on a different, more intelligent level. Will Barack Obama have some effect over how hip-hop is derived now? Maybe yes and maybe no. The always sharp rapper, Common made a bold statement to CNN citing that with the arrival of President-Elect Barack Obama, that the hip-hop nation might change, and for the better. While it seems far-fetched that a President would have some effect on the music scene, Common's statement does carry some weight. Common goes on to say that rappers might shift gears and focus on positive and thought provoking lyrics, as akin to the "bitches, hoes and lollipops" vice they are leaning on as of now. He also votes that rappers are beginning to be more "socially aware" of the times and end up not doing the "same old thing". While I wish with all my might that hip-hop goes back to the days of pop-locking and simple odes about Adidas shoes, it's going to be a winding and rocky road for this change to happen. Even though a surge of rappers have come out with their Obama odes in recent months, will this be a one time social shot for them? Will they go back to regular business long after Obama is inaugurated? Or will this effect stick around longer? Yes, I have a lot of questions, because I know that time is the biggest factor in how this ideal will be played out. We'll see in 2009 if Common's prediction is correct.

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