The Gospel: Mariah Going Back To 1993 Sounds Grand, Or Does It?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ah...I love a little Mariah Carey analyzing in the morning...Apparently, I'm not the only one who saw red flags this year with Mariah's latest effort, E=MC2 because the diva's ex-writing partner, Walter Afanasieff wants to reunite with her in hopes that they can create that "90's ballad magic" again as Lambs (fans) have been sending him letters for the two to reunite. If you need a refresher, Afanasieff co-wrote and produced some of Mariah's biggest ballad hits such as "One Sweet Day," "My All" and "Hero". The two had since parted writing ways after 2001's Glitter. In such desperate Mimi times, I pumped my fists in glee with the future prospect that Afanasieff could put his touch on new Mariah tracks. But, reality sunk in and that's when I thought of this little thing called "moving on". Just like an ex, sometimes you have to let the attachment trickle away so you can move into another phase of your life. And thank goodness Mariah was smart enough to know she couldn't be stuck to the lyrical hip of Afanasieff forever. It would've been dull and downright predictable for Mariah, thus proving she had to always rely on certain collaborators to get that winning sound. Now that would ruin the creditability of Mariah as an artist, for shame! Still it'd be keen to have Mariah party like it's the flannel and gangsta rap ridden 90's...or would it? Would you really want to see Mariah go back to her 90's prime in 2009? You know, sing those monumental ballads that made her the "hot tamale" she is today? It wouldn't show growth on Mariah's part no doubt, not to mention that she did fine without Afanasieff in the ballads department on 2005's stellar The Emancipation Of Mimi. But it'd be kind of relieving to see the 90's spark back in Mariah's step again...

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