The Gospel: The Old Snub-A-Roo, Why It Doesn't Surprise Me

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh, dear...There was no doubt that after the Grammy nominations were announced that some folks were going to be pissed. So after a week to let the noms all marinate, music critics across the land have finally voiced their "theories" why some artists got the door closed in their face at announcement time. Shocker! True there were some obvious exclusions, like Leona Lewis MIA on the Best New Artist list and even arty faves Santogold and MGMT, being dismissed. But the most yap is coming from the R&B circuit, as fans and critics are wondering why Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Usher and Mariah Carey were left out of noms. Was it because of low selling singles? Bland material? Side-eye bizarre marriages (Usher & Mariah), or was it flat out because they felt they had enough Grammys on their mantels, so why give them another? I'm stowing away the doe-eyes and being honest as to why these artists got the old snub-a-roo...

Alicia Keys: There is no denying that Alicia Keys is a talented woman and deserves every accolade in the world for her talents, but I'm not shocked that she was given the upturned nose to her 2007 album, As I Am. As much as Alicia's third effort was elegant and an enjoyable listen...we must remember that track, "No One" got two Grammys last year, and well, now As I Am, is kind of stale bread comparing to some of the fresher loaves that came out this year. I'm kind of baffled that people were flat out angry over this...As I Am, had some choice singles and was well received, but when people forgot that "Teenage Love Affair" was released (seriously), and "Superwoman" was released over the summer and is just now picking up steam in the dead of winter...well, these incidents kind of explains the omission

*Usher, Erykah Badu and Mariah Carey are scrutinized after the jump...*

Usher: This is an easy one...Usher had folks angry from day one when he tried to shut down one of his most popular fansites for them ragging on his new wife. Then mix in an album (Here I Stand) that was brimming with bland mid-tempo fodder and a public firing of his manger, who happened to be his own mother, and it was truly a recipe for disaster. Still the Grammys usually don't focus on personal lives for nominations outcomes (see Amy Winehouse) but the main reason, is that Usher couldn't rise to the occassion after 2004's stellar Confessions and it showed.

Erykah Badu: Most people are squirming in their seats when the innovative oddity known as Erykah Badu wasn't given a Best R&B Album nom for her recent, New Amerykah: Part 1. While I love Erykah and New Amerykah was one of my faves this year...this was a little left field for the Grammy big-wigs to handle. Sure trippy comes across as pure genius (just as Pink Floyd) but fellow tripsters like Santogold, MGMT and Vampire Weekend were ignored and that's because someone couldn't quite wrap their finger around what these artists were doing. That being said, Erykah stepped out of the box brilliantly, but lost some people in her midst.

Mariah Carey: Let's be brutally honest, Mariah has not had a good year musically. Sure "Touch My Body" went #1 and her latest, E=MC2 sold a hefty amount...blah blah blah. But the Grammy advisers are no fools. It doesn't make a difference if "Touch My Body" went #1, it's no "Vision Of Love" or "We Belong Together", in short, it's by far the biggest load of mess the songbird has ever released. It cuts like a knife, but it's true. The Grammys don't want to hand out one of their gilded phonographs to a song that consists of Mariah cooing (not singing mind you) about having a man touch her in her naughty spots. They are serious about this ...and please don't get me started on E=MC2 and how it was duped out of the Best R&B Album category, must less Album of The Year. When did mediocre music need to be praised and awarded?


  1. Ok here is one of the people angry about the nominations this year. Am not angry over Usher not getting nominated or Mariah but am pissed over Alicia key's AS I AM been snubbed. AS I AM is Alicia's best work ever and they just decided to mess with it, even if Alicia has 11 Grammy already they pick the wrong album to mess with cos people will talk moreover its really Obvious cos she was not only not nominated in the main Categories but also in the Rn B field. And why the F*** is Me ,Myself and I by Beyonce even nominated when we have great songs through out 2008 and here you are talking how Alicia keys songs were omitted yet the unreleased duet with John Mayer by Alicia was nominated,am still marveled what happened to like you will never see me again i mean AS I AM is great how could it possibly be omitted?How can you say people forgot TEENAGE LOVE AFFAIR or people are just getting to love Superwoman when the two songs are always on TV or when they are songs people cant just get out of their head.

  2. Oh my.

    I totally agree with all of your points. It wasn't so much the R&B categories (although the above point about "Me Myself and I" being nominated did rattle me -- where do these rules come from?). I think the one people get most rankled about is Best New Artist. And I totally agree that Santogold and MGMT had huge breakout years within their genres but were still omitted.

    I don't know why people get so worked up. The Grammy's are notorious for not picking obvious choices. I mean, Adele being nominated for so many things? Don't get me wrong -- she's an incredible vocalist -- but how can you put her up (along with Lady Antebellum) and omit Leona or Kings of Leon?

  3. Michael, I value your opinion and you've made some good points,and don't get me wrong, I love Alicia Keys but, and here is my but, I just feel that 'As I Am''s singles weren't performing well...true they were R&B hits, but Alicia has had better luck on the Hot 100 in the past and this year, her last two singles were underwhelming on those charts...should she have gotten some love in the R&B category, yes, but looking back at Alicia's last two albums and how they performed, it didn't surprise me why 'As I Am' wasn't up for major awards, but maybe I'm just being insensitive, LOL But wow, at her John Mayer duet getting a nod, now that song should have been released...that probably would've helped, that's just what I think :)

    But I do agree about the Beyonce admission, Michael...hell...why was that included??!? A five year old song that is a live version gets a nom?? Puleezee....I have a feeling Daddy Knowles flashed some bucks to get that nom...

    Ms. Mel, YES to Leona Lewis...I'm not a huge huge fan, but the girl can sing and she did make a big break this year...and the Jonas Bros...LMAO, Disney has reared it's ugly head once more, thank goodness Miley Cyrus wasn't nominated

    Oh, I think Kings Of Leon weren't nominated for New Artist is because they've been around for awhile...they've had a couple of albums out in the early 2000's, I don't know how popular they were before, but 2008 was the first time most had heard about them


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