Mariah Looks Normal...Wait It's The Grammy Noms!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh, my stars! Mariah Carey channelling her 1994 "All I Want For Christmas (Is You)" look has gotten me kind of giddy...oops sorry, this post will not be dedicated to the fact that Mariah donned a 14 year old get-up that gave me nostalgic dreams while performing at the Grammy Nominations Concert. This post will be dedicated to the Grammy noms which were announced last night. I won't go into all the frills and drills as you can view the full list here, but I'll give my reactions to some choice categories...

Best New Artist: Quite nice that Duffy, Adele and Jazmine Sullivan got nominated (Duffy's probably going to win it...but Adele could be the dark horse to snag it in the end) but the Jonas Bros???? Did the Grammy Academy not see them perform at the half-time show at the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving? That was god awful...

Lil' Wayne: He received 8 friggin' nominations *facepalm* I will repeat the phrase my BFF Brittany has patented: "All Lil' Wayne raps about is bitches, hoes and is that RAP?" I rest my case.

Coldplay: Sure you either LOVED Viva La Vida (like I did) or HATED it (like most of the insecure guys in my Opinion Writing class) but you have to admit, that album was huge so they deserve the 7 noms...and they better beat Lil' Wayne in Album of The Year...hell I even want Ne-Yo to beat him and you know how much he brings me to hot hate tears...

(Just) Dance: Lady Gaga got nominated for Best Dance Recording (for obvious reasons), "Just Dance"...there is a God. But damn, Rihanna was nominated too for that awful "Disturbia"...note to God, please let Miss Lady G win! Ooo...Kylie Minogue, Cyndi Lauper and Robyn battle it out for Best Electro-Dance Album...what a toughie!

Female Pop Song: Sara Bareilles's "Love Song" for the win...Katy Perry and her "Kissed A Girl" song are like a lingering disease for the ears...

John Legend's "Green Light": I have a strong feeling my Dad, who has played this song everyday at his office (no joke) since August, had a hand in having John Legend and Andre 3000 be nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collabo...still it was one of the greatest songs all year IMO

Best Rock Song: Kings Of Leon...because the song is about someone's sex being on fire, it's a flaming good song and because Coldplay and Radiohead can't win everything

Short Form Music Vid: Erykah Badu's "Honey" is the best damn video I have seen eons...and because I said so, it'll win...

I'veee Gotta A Feeelin': Someone must've not heard the speakerphone exchange at the beginning of Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia duet, "I'm His Only Woman"...because well, it's been nominated for best R&B collabo...

Sighs Of Relief: Raphael Saddiq, Gnarls Barkley, Alicia Keys, Lupe Fiasco, Janelle Monae, Estelle were nominated as well...and that Kanye West missed the deadline...ahhh so no whining this year!

*Discuss your shocks, happy dances and outrages over the nominations in comments!*


  1. Fantastic that two British artists have been nominated, Duffy and Adele have had an amazing year so far, both albums are great.

    Jazmine Sullivan is great too, her album was so eagerly anticipated. A great album and an amazing artist, she is an awesome talent. Philadelphia have been bringing the goods to music for years.

    Kings Of Leon have had a great year too, their album is very impressive. Their hit song, 'Sex On Fire', was a huge hit here.

    So many great artists seem to have been nominated from what you have said, which is great. Talent has to win for a change, so much focus is spent on who has had the most commercial success at these award shows.

  2. You are so right, Woosh, talent is finally being showcased (except for a few untalented folks who weaseled their way in, LOL). This Grammy's might just prove that talent is still relevant to win these awards...

    I'm really happy about Jazmine Sullivan, Adele and Duffy getting noms and thank goodness Raphael Saddiq got some as well. And I'm just really excited that Kylie got a nom...maybe it's because I've been listening to X lately but I'm stoked that she got some sort of nom.

    I'm kind of puzzled though that Robin Thicke didn't get some sort of nom...unless I missed it while skimming it last night and also I really thought MGMT would've gotten some sort of nom...maybe they are a bit to wet behind the ears. I'm secretly glad Mariah didn't get nominated this year, E=MC2 was god awful save a few tracks, cause I was fearing they would have her on there just because she's a Grammy I'm glad someone had their ears open this year :)

  3. Woohoo! Kings of Leon (KOL) love! And of course Raphael Saadiq and it's all good! Superb choices and remarks all around! Katy Perry=horrible!


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