Quote Me Baby!: Adele Ain't No Fool!

Monday, December 8, 2008

"That's absurd, of course I want to win one!! I was trying to say that I
think a Grammy is music's Oscars. You win an Oscar when you give a performance
of your life. And I find it hard to think of my album like that! I can't be like
'yeah I so deserve it', that would make me sound like a prick! I'm over the
Adele, on putting rumors to rest that she didn't care about the Grammys

*True fact: Adele is the truth!*


  1. Adele is British through and through, no airs or graces with her. She tells it like it is, she rocks!!

    I hope that she takes a Grammy away, her album is great and she is so talented it's unreal. This year has been great for British music.

    I'm irked that HMV charged £4 more to buy her deluxe album instore, when it's £4 cheaper on THEIR website. Pfft! *growls*

  2. Adele has become one of my favorite people of 2008. She did a photoshoot article for the Novemeber Glamour issue and she was just amazing

    Yeah, most of my faves from this year were from other countries outside of the US...don't ever turn on American radio, my annoying roommate had the radio on today and by GOD! It was AWFUL...auto tune, Britney Spears, and Lil' Wayne...*shudders* I had to blast some Sam Sparro and Van Hunt after that. That's why I don't listen to the radio anymore...my ears don't need the beating

  3. Adele rocks big time, she's so down to earth and honets, that's what the typical British person is like only with different accents depending on what region you're from. Haha!!

    LMAO!! I completely get what you are saying though, radio is yuck 99.9% of the time. I listened to the chartshow on Sunday here, I was waiting for Leona Lewis to be played, we all knew she'd be number 1 and low and behold, she was. But the amount of dribble played beforehand was unreal, I zoned out until Leona came on. lol 'Run' is a tune, number 1 on downloads alone. How cool is that!! lol

    Rihanna is an artist that I don't get, she'll be releasing her 70th single from this album next. LOL!! I prefer the British Rhianna, much more soulful.

    Speaking of Sam Sparro, Adele's version of 'Black and Gold' is awesome. Van Hunt's unreleased albvum cost me a pretty penny or two as well, but well worth it.


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