Song Stuck In My Head: Shake Me, Could It Be I'm Dreaming

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Literally going out of my mind with studying...finals are a dragggg. So to cheer me up, I picked the most peppiest song out of my music folder and it happens to be the Stacy Lattisaw track, "Million Dollar Babe". This is like a sugar coated sprinkled cupcake with a side of highly caffeinated and carbonated beverage. Oh, yeah, it's that potent. Back in 1983, Stacy released this snappy number on her Sixteen album and it was a sizable hit, with it's 1950's malt shop crooning and 1980's synths. Actually this is my favorite Stacy Lattisaw track, next to "Jump Into My Life"... It's nice to know that Stacy Lattisaw didn't become corrupt like other child/teen singers...last I heard she does Gospel songs now. And she discovered Johnny Gill and that just makes her even more awesome. So snap your fingers and sing-a-long to one infectious jam that sure has got me out of my studying blues.

Poppin' and lockin', that boy is dancing it up....I like how Stacy kind of stands there throughout the whole thing not really moving much....Is it bad I kind of like that electric blue shirt/vest thing she has on?...That human brain part is kind of...graphic


  1. At first I thought I had never heard this song but when it got to the chorus it all came back to me.

    Look at you bringing back the oldies but goodies! :) But this video is just disturbing. LOL.

  2. I'm allll about the oldies! Glad you know this song :)

    LOL, yeah it's an awfully awesome vid, I just don't get why Stacy's so wooden in it...she's just standing...yes, it bothers me LOL


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