Spin Me Right Round: 'Impossible' Is Sometimes Good

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Not easy to digest at first listen, but there is something quite intoxicating about Kylie Minogue's foray into the Indie mind frame. The title of the album sets you up for the bizarre ride, Kylie is an "impossible princess", and therefore she is going to make your listening experience as complicated and engaging as possible. Kylie's 1997 album, Impossible Princess is a toss-up, some loathe it to bits and others revere this as one of Kylie's finest. The last in her DeConstruction label phase, most fans were hoping that Miss Minogue would serve up the R&B goodies like she did on her 1994 self-titled disc. Not so. Kylie took a hold of the steering wheel and made an abrupt swerve to the far left, and created quite the musical showpiece. With a mix of edgy rock, trance and a couple of gobs of pop, Impossible Princess churns out crisp, original and biting wit, thanks to main producers Brothers In Rhythm. It is all quite daring, considering that Kylie is most known for her disco-pop confections. "Limbo" is just plain great with its rush of percussion and Kylie's slinky voice just kind of slithers over the lyrical content. While a rousing trumpet blasts in the shuffle of "Through The Years" and jangly guitars guide the headbanger of "I Don't Need Anyone". Also in the packaging is the goofy yet country pop of "Cowboy Style" which is a nice little ride. The more methodical moments rest in tracks like the brooding, "Say Hey", slo-mo creep, "Breathe" and the gorgeous synth swells of "Jump". There are some glorious moments here, you just have to have an open mind about it and let it just sink in. Stripped of the glitter and gloss of Kylie's previous (and later) albums, Impossible Princess is a quick change of pace, that is welcomed.

Rating: 9.3/10

Meet Dance, Cute, Sex and Indie Kylie...The four "person's inside" that kind of sums up the whole subject of the album...I love it when they start fighting and pulling hair...is it bad that I like "Dance" Kylie's psychedelic dress?

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