Weekend Jump-Off: Finals Showdown

Friday, December 5, 2008

Well, this week was rough and "AT LAST" it's done...I was sick and prepping for finals is not fun. Remember this kiddos...don't ever write a 8 page paper while jacked up on cold medication. Grammy noms happen this week and aside from a few missing persons (Robin Thicke? Santogold?) it was grand to see some new names on the list. Hopefully, this weekend I'll get to have an opinion about new movies, Cadillac Records and Milk...I'm a bio-pic junkie so this weekend is like bliss. Still I'm a bit peeved that my BFF Brittany and I have to drive an HOUR to see these two movies, because for some reason they aren't showing it in our "liberal" college town or any of the nearby cities...Here's to being a slave to the arts! Well, to those of you who are hustling this week studying for finals and the like, stay strong and eat lots of junk food, we'll get through this together!

*News Bites...Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Sandwiches, Turkey Soup and Turkey Tacos*

*Oh, dear...AOL counts down the most searched musicians of 2008...this tells alot about America's taste in music therefore I'm sadden...

*Oldie but goodie...If you missed it the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade got Rickrolled...and Rick Astley was there to give it the proper awesome like a possum factor...is he going to do this for Obama's Inauguration?!?

*Someone drank their V8 today...Rumor has it that Kelly Rowland is to get out of Matthew Knowles grasp and switch management teams, at present she's eyeing 19 Entertainment's Simon Fuller (he managed The Spice Girls)...ah ha! that explains the trips to England

*"Last Christmas" is the jam...George Michael is being a good boy this year and releasing a new Christmas song, but on Christmas Day...but it's FREE and it's not Christmas without George Michael

*Tell me something new...Kanye West gets mad Down Under as a fan throws something at him...I didn't know "eat shit and die" were hidden lyrics in "Love Lockdown"...

*Shock and yawn....Parents are outraged over the title and lyrics of Britney Spears's new song, "If You Seek Amy" (say the title slow, loud and five times...heh)...oh, rapture it 1999 again!*

*Is that possible...T.I. remixes the NBC's famous chimes, possible ploy because he'll be on Saturday Night Live this weekend...interesting, to say the least

*Le hold your breath...Beyonce (or her people) are already pouncing on the idea of her winning an Oscar for her portrayal of Etta James in Cadillac Records (out today)...All I have to say is, Angela Basset + Best Actress Academy Awards Nom + What's Love Got To Do With It = ROBBED!

*Christmas Jazz...Pop Dose dissects Al Jarreau's new Christmas song hilariously and points out there isn't any scatting and he sounds drunk...easy listening Christmas music never sounded so grand

*Oh, joy!...They are making a bio-pic about the all-girl rriot gurl rock group, The Runaways...oh, boo, they have that girl from Twilight in the running to play Joan Jett

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