Weekend Jump-Off: Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Friday, December 12, 2008

Well, it's a tearful weekend as I cry tears of joy that finals are over, but I'm really and truly sad but insanely happy for my BFF Guyna as she is graduating this semester...we will miss her so *tear* But I'm obscenely happy that I'm officially DONE with this semester...it feels bizarre, I feel I have a paper or some assignment I have to accomplish...and then even today I still don't know what to do with myself...it's weird not having a paper due...but ah well bring on Christmas and blogging! Now that I have some free time (and I will cause I'm going back home to that "desolate town my parents moved to") I'll be getting down to my obligatory lists for the year's end as well as getting the Yuletide spirit back on with some Christmas stuff that is in the works at the moment....so keep it right here at the 'Adventures' for some year-end/Christmas fun from your Audio Diva :)

*Psst!: If you can see Milk this weekend...it's a truly amazing and uplifting film!*

*News Bites Leftovers: The Good, The Bad and The Fuzzy Ones In The Back Of You're Fridge

*Fools on missions...Soul Bounce brilliantly counts down the 2008's 10 Worst Moments in Black Music ...tart messes all around

*Song-lifters...Coldplay are getting sued over "Viva La Vida" as their song sounds "similar" to another...oopsies whoopsies

*Yard Sale...Been wanting Michael Jackson's glitter white glove from way back when? Don't fear as over 2,000 of his personal items, will be up for auction next year...dang, does Michael own anything anymore?

*I'm a "Barbie Girl"....Mattel Toys has penned Christina Aguilera as the new face of Barbie...my childhood just shattered to glassy bits

*Preggy alert...Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri deny babymaking...sure and you didn't cancel all those concert dates...

*Preggy alert 2...Mariah Carey might have a bun in the oven...but she also has a new personal fashioner designer...maternity ball gowns anyone? Oh, and she cancels her tour and leaves her touring staff in tears as they were relying on the paycheck for the holidays...preggy no doubt

*"Straight Up" Finger pointing...Paula Abdul blames Simon Cowell and the American Idol program for leading her stalker to the brink and for all her flub ups this year...I miss Forever Your Girl Paula


  1. I believe the pregnancy rumors of Mariah...but Janet...I'm not sold yet.

    I didn't hear that about Barbie, but I did hear that Mattel won their lawsuit against Bratz so they can't manufacture those ugly looking things anymore. I'm not surprised they tapped Christina. They seem to have a Barbie for every famous person, don't they?

  2. LOL about the Bratz dolls...they are ugly aren't they? If I was a eight year old girl I wouldn't want those...Apparently they are redesigning Barbie's face and are using Christina as the model...My question is if they are going to redesign Ken and Skipper's faces and who are going to be the models?

    Mariah being pregnant is quite epic. I wonder what the baby's name will be...Daydream? Rainbow? I'm soo MEAN...

  3. LOL. You're not mean if it's a plausible possibility. Haha! I'm pretty sure the name "Glitter" is out of the question. <-- That would be mean. ;)


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