Artist Watch: These Boots Are Made For Dancing

Friday, January 16, 2009

In 2008, Little Boots was just a whisper of chit-chat in BlogLand, but I have a feeling that this year, the London native we will be talking about her will be at a higher decibel. With one listen to the sizzling "Stuck On Repeat" (which you'll literally have on repeat after one listen), Little Boots is set to make our 2009 just a tad bit funkier and electric. In the same vein as acts like Robyn, Annie, Roisin Murphy and yes even Ladyhawke, Little Boots drinks the fuel of sharp and luxe 80's and bridges it with modern electro-pop and it's a marriage that can't be beat. Personally, I can never grow weary of a song that contains bottom heavy synths. That said I'm literally hypnotized by the Freestyle meets trip-hop on "Mathematics" and the clunky punch of "Meddle". What's even cooler beans about Little Boots is that she is a woman who plays the keyboard. Shock and awe. I'm seriously shipping her as the next Jane Child...but I hope she has a longer shelf life. Still not impressed? Well, check out this interview from Ohh! Crapp where she gives the background story to her name as well as dishes on her mega love for Kylie Minogue...still need more proof that Little Boots is one to watch, just listen to the clips and be transported to her realm.

Stuck On Repeat




  1. I agree, love her, but I loved Dead Disco even more, the band she used to be in. "Stuck On Repeat" is an awesome track tho.

  2. I heard about Dead Disco...but never knew she was in the group! Wow, I gotta check that out!

    I'm really liking "Mathematics", in fact I'm listening to it right now!

  3. I'm not usually into this kind of music, but 'Stuck On Repeat' is a great tune. Why do I hear the sound of another song in it though? It's like there's another song around with a similar sound in the chorus.


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