Artist Watch: With Mr. Hudson There Are 'No Tears'

Monday, January 12, 2009

Call me a little on the lateness, but I've been on Mr. Hudson's tailbone since he was on the most bearable song on Kanye West's vanity project, 808's and Heartbreak. Excuse me, us States dwellers always hear about stuff at the last minute. Considering that Kanye himself voiced that the UK bred producer/singer will be "bigger than him", 2009 looks bright for Mr. Hudson. Mr. Hudson is indeed a promising artist who is bringing something different to the table. Some might recognize the name as the musician was (and still is) apart of the musical outfit, Mr. Hudson and The Library (the name sounds like a children's book...but in a good way) whom had an album out last year called, A Tale Of Two Cities. If you like your music Neapolitan ice cream style, then that's what you'll get with them. A mixture of Reggae, R&B, rock, folk...truly a mixed bag of stuff that reminds me of something Howard Jones or Peter Gabriel crafted in the 80's. I combed through the YouTube links before I went on vacay and they were pretty darn good (check out "Bread + Roses") so of course I'm even more deeply curious than before. A new track, "There Will Be Tears" got a leak last month and it's slated to be on the artist's upcoming solo debut. Okay, okay, there is vocodor galore on it, but it's actually not that bad considering that Mr. Hudson doesn't abuse it and the song has a nice moody mid-tempo percussive back beat and a somber piano. So take a listen and don the stalker attire if you like what you hear...I know I'm in stakeout mode with this artist.

There Will Be Tears


  1. Good Lord This is Amazing.... It sounds as if the style of 808s and Heartbreaks was inspired by HIM, as the candences of this song seem to mirror Kanyes latest effort, only much better executed. Thank for the millionth time for putting me onto some Fire.... You're Like Prometheus...

  2. So well put! I was thinking the same's like 808's but 10X's better...possibly because Mr. Hudson doesn't sound like he's straining. And you're welcome, hopefully we'll be hearing more from Mr. Hudson and The Library, I'm thinking of checking out their debut album, I need something new in my life right now :)

  3. Wow. I must be so out of it. I've never heard of him before this because I pretty much ignored 808's other than the singles. I plead the fifth on that. But this sounds like a relaxed "Heartless" with a island type swagger and sway. I love it!


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