Cover Smother: 2 Times The India

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Was this cover art released this week? I dunno, I just got this in my e-mail yesterday...ah well. I'm guessing the two India.Arie's in the album art are representing the "love" and the "politics" in Testimony Vol. 2: Love & Politics....just a wild guess. I'm not a fan of the font work on this as it looks kind of messy and reminds me of "Join This Club!" pamphlets they hand out around my university for some reason...I'm sorry, I'm a font junkie and I get picky over these kinds things. But I am digging India's bangles and her headband thingy...accessories are bliss. Fonts aside, I'm excited for this, considering that her duet with Musiq, "Chocolate High" is scrumptious and that it's been a good two years since Testimony Vol. 1: Life & Relationship. Love India like I? Then Febuary 10th should be marked on your calendar as that's when this little album will be on store shelves and rocking your life.


  1. this can't be real!!! is it?!?!


  2. I wish the cover was a little better, but the content is what matters, right? India.Arie is always someone that steps up her game and this album sounds as though it's gonna be the dogs nuts. I have been waiting for her follow up album for what seems like forever.

    The album should be HOT.

  3. LOL I'm with Woosh, it's the content of the album that matters but yeah, that cover art looks a little *ahem* cheap...I just really loathe the album title font and just looks so bad


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