First Impressions: Annie Shines A Light

Monday, January 12, 2009

Annie! How I've missed thee! Soul/Pop vocalist Annie Lennox is to be releasing her first greatest hits collection this year and it's to be her last on the Sony BMG label. The tracklist can be seen here, and it's all killer and no filler baby! All the hits from "Why" to "Dark Road" are represented as well as two new songs. One song, "Shining Light" was leaked last week and it's actually a snazzy little cover of a song by indie rock band Ash. I'm liking the song a lot especially with Annie's vocals soaring over bright synths and guitars. But really if Annie sang my bills and bank notices to me I'd be truly engaged. Rumor has it that she's working on an all-dance album which got me kind of giddy considering that I've been itching for Annie to do something upbeat since her Eurythmics and Diva days. Annie's greatest hits collection will be hitting stores March 9th and is to also feature a song written by Keane frontman, Tom Chaplin...and if that song is anything like "Spiralling", then bring on Dance Queen Annie!

Shining Light


  1. Love this song! When was growing up, my mom used to sing "Walking On Broken Glass" to me. Here's to a "Sweet Dreams"-esque track for '09!

  2. "Walking On Broken Glass"!!!! I LOVE that song. I also love the video. Which reminds me, I need to do a review of the 'Diva' album soon...I agree about Annie doing dance music, she needs to do what Cyndi Lauper did on "Bring Ya To The Brink", that'd be cool beans :)


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