First Impressions: Blu Is Back...and 'Boy Crazy'

Friday, January 16, 2009

Looky who has risen from the crypt...Blu Cantrell! Last I saw of her were of some drunk clubbing photos on ONTD! and last heard of her when she did a female response to One Republic's "Apologize"...well, apparently for 2009 Blu is on the comeback trail and it has seriously been a loong time since we've heard anything relatively new from her. I mean, I love her So Blu and Bittersweet albums, but it's time for something fresh! "Boy Crazy" is the new joint from Blu's forthcoming, Blubonic (is it really titled this? Like a play on the word, the Bubonic plague that killed off many in the 1600's?) which is rumored to be making an appearance this year. The song has gotten all the hip-hop/R&B heads in a tizzy because Blu is actually doing a technotronic disco romp. Well, I can never stress enough how I think it's about time that R&B artists embrace some other genres instead of the already stale usage of hip-hop beats. Her vocals sound a little wobbly at the beginning...well, in short, the song itself is kind of shaky and a little too much in some parts. I'm hoping that this is just a demo/trial run because there is some good things going on here like the back beat and the concept, but Blu's vocals are just too splattered all over this and her big vocals kind of mask over the beat. Some control is definitely needed here...hopefully Blu can recapture what she had in 2001 with "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" because that joint will always be hot!

Boy Crazy


  1. I agree, this might be totally hot once it's finished/mastered up, because there are moments when I cringe at her vocal and that's never good.

  2. It's actually not a surprise she's doing dance since her remixes did so well in the UK. Not feelin' this track though, I must say - the mixdown is really strange. It sounds like she's singing Karaoke.

  3. I like the song but it doesn't sound finished or mastered. And she could use some control on the vocals.


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