First Impressions: Chrisette Has An 'Epiphany'

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Though it's only been about two years since we've heard from Chrisette Michele, it's oh so welcoming to have her back in stride again. Fresh off of her enchanting, 2007 debut, I Am, Chrisette is gearing up for a new album to grace the shelves sometime later this year. The first single of her as-yet-untitled sophomore album, has gotten a leak from the faucet this week and it's Chrisette back in fine form. "Epiphany" is a piano driven mid-tempo bounce that details Chrisette leaving her louse of a boyfriend. The song effectively mixes a hip-hop beat with Chrisette's classic jazz vocal tone, and I have no scruples that this could cross over to be a radio hit once the song is officially released on February 10th. Chrisette has recently collaborated with singer/songwriter, Ne-Yo on her upcoming effort but hasn't further disclosed other collaborators. While Ne-Yo usually gives his best stuff to the singers he produces for, this should be one album to keep an ear unclogged for. Peep a listen to the first single and don the stalker attire for Miss Chrisette's return!



  1. Chrisette Michele is simply amazing, a breath of fresh air in the music industry. Her debut album a couple of years back was incredible and so overlooked as a release, which was a great shame. I was anticipating that album for months, so underrated.

    The new album sounds as though it is going to be off the scale, hopeully this time she will receive the recognition that she so truly deserves as a talent. Hopefully, fingers crossed, she will!! The new song is hot.

  2. I agree, I LOVED her debut and "Be OK" has become one of my all-time fave songs, no joke! I have serious high hopes for this record but I just wish people wouldn't sleep on her, she is a talent to be dealt with :)


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