First Impressions: Same Old Song and Dance For Kelly Clarkson

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Since You've Been Gone 2009. That's clearly what "My Life Would Suck Without You" is plain and simple. No surprise since "Since You've Been Gone" writers Max Martin and Dr. Luke wrote this song during the Breakaway sessions. Don't get me wrong, I like Kelly Clarkson. She's from Texas and she knows what it's like living in one of the hugest, most confusing and most underdog states in the US. So I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, because the song doesn't totally suck... Kelly has just done better (see the entire Breakaway album for a confirmation). This song is clearly a reassurance to fans who dismissed her ambitious 2007 album, My December and know that she hasn't completely gone insanium in the cranium, that she still can pop, be brash, head bang and scream at the top of her lungs. And it's also a song that has been carefully monitored by svengali hot head Clive Davis. The driving guitar and energetic synth song doesn't have real pizazz and it could easily be the play cousin to Pink's "Who Knew". It almost feels like something is missing and that Kelly is just going through the motions with it, just singing it because she was asked to, not because she wanted to. I'm not doubting the remainder of Kelly's upcoming, All I've Ever Wanted, because it's too soon to call, but if we are getting alot of Breakaway cast offs and mediocre Katy Perry throwaways...then there is trouble in Clarksonville. Listen and be the judge for yourself in this semi-tagged audio...

My Life Would Suck Without You


  1. Yeah, I'm underwhelmed as well. I'm hoping for better for the album. Now that you mention Katy Perry throwaways..."My Life..." does kinda sound like a KP b-side.

  2. I don't know....I'm a big fan. I never really did get over "Since U Been Gone," though.

  3. Songs alright, but it does seem a bit like something she's done before. But if it was written in the sessions for that previous album, then it was obviously something to fit in with the sound of that album. It's a cool tune nonetheless and Kelly Clarkson is very talented. But it does feel like I have heard this song before. This style does suit her though, but artists do need to stary away from the same sound to a previous album, show a little progression. Anywhoo, Kelly Clarkson is very talented like I said before, so it should be a hit.

  4. Mel, I feel bad to mention Katy Perry (cause I reallly don't like her) but it sounds like it to me...maybe I just have high hopes for Kelly. I think I heard that alot of Katy Perry castoffs are to be on that album

    Brad, I read your review of the song on your blog :) I want to like it, truly I do, but "Since You've Been Gone" is winning LOL

    Woosh, hello stranger! :) I agree, the song sounds like something I've heard somewhere else. I'm rooting for Kelly to come up with a good album cause I like her, but this just isn't doing it for me

  5. oh no :( this song is great. loads of fun! i am guess this will be a grower, but i fell in love at first listen. i am sooo rooting for kelly! i wish people would stop calling this song a katy perry throwaway; it was actually written around the same time "since u been gone" was written.


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