The Gospel: 2009...Lookin' Mighty Fine

Monday, January 5, 2009

Now that 2009 is about five days in, there is no doubt that music nerds (like I) are looking toward the future for what lies ahead. Already Entertainment Weekly has succumbed to making the first list of 2009, by compiling 10 albums that they can't wait to hear this year. So it got me thinking, what was I seriously jonesin' for this year? Maxwell immediately came to my mind, as websites have been confirming left and right that the neo-soul patriot is indeed answering prayers and releasing a full length album (!!!). So all you Maxwell heads, get out of your praying shrines...all your chanting has paid off. As far as some testosterone is concern, as much as I tend to crack jokes of his bromance with Timbaland, I'm kinda anxious to hear what my ex-husband, Justin Timberlake has got cooked up, because a little birdie told me that he is planning something for '09. And remember those Prince cuts that leaked last month? Well, Prince is coming back in '09 and he's got Q-Tip in tow (so that explains that surprise concert appearance!). Always the overachiever, he's releasing not one but three albums...and from the clips I've heard, it's shaping up to be some good purpleness. Then on the female side we have some snazzy snark to look forward to on Lily Allen's sophomore effort, It's Not Me, It's You. She has already wowed me with newbie, "The Fear", so we're off to a good start. I'm also wishing to high heavens that Sophie Ellis-Bextor is going through on her promise of scrapping that Greatest Hits album and actually going to release a follow-up to the divine, Trip The Light Fantastic. She's had two tour cancellations and has been talking about switching up her maybe 2009 will bring a little hope for Bextor fans. Kelly Clarkson is another lass I'm looking forward to hear some new tunes from as that sparkly single cover we saw last week, makes me feel likes she going all "disco excitement" on us...I'm holding my breath for Keri Hilson though, as I was on her bandwagon all 2007 but decided to jump ship once her In A Perfect World project was pushed back more times than you can say "flop". It's gonna be Nicole Scherzinger all over again...All in all 2009 is looking promising so far. I'll be keeping the ears unclogged all year for anything that is worthwhile for an adventure.

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