The Gospel: I Wanna Dance With Whitney In '09...But Will It Really Happen?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Okay, I'm not holding my breath till I turn purple on the return of Whitney Houston for 2009 because we've heard the yappings of "comebacks" and "new album" all last year and we've been graced with na-da. But as someone who used to use a Crayola marker as a microphone and belt out on "I Have Nothin'" as a plastic barrette wearing child...I do admit I miss the Whitster. While it's unfair to say that there hasn't been anyone to carry the golden vocal torch of Whitney, it's just that it's quite disheartening that we don't hear a ballad or thundering duet from her anymore. Just recently it was announced that Whitney is indeed on the comeback trail again as she is to be making an appearance at Clive Davis's annual pre-Grammy party, and yes folks, Nippy is rumored to be hitting the stage and actually belting a tune. While this all sounds fine and dandy, I'm more curious about how Whitney will deliver if she indeed puts out an album this year. Do people even care? Will she be able to have hits that actually chart? Will Whitney be able to handle it if she indeed gets the lucky opportunity to have a successful comeback? White lines and Ray-J aside, I'm hoping that Whit can indeed be a dominating diva, still I'm wary, especially after that last album...For those who missed the ball, Whitney's last full length album, 2002's Just Whitney was a shall we say, sub-par. It was a wacky ensemble of uninspired R&B fluff and sleep inducing ballads that gave an inkling that Whitney wasn't on her A-game, and she even had Babyface on hand for production duties so there wasn't much of an excuse. When the bubblings of Whitney's comeback started in the Summer of '08, an Akon produced track, "Like I Never Left" came to the surface and it came and went like a lite sneeze. No word on who is indeed involved or going to be involved on Whitney's comeback album, but I'm hoping that she can get a little funky, a little sappy, a little over the top and a little testy a la "It's Not Right (But It's Okay)". So give Diane Warren a call, maybe even ring up Bryan Michael-Cox...and do a duet with John Legend, mend our broken hearts. Let's just hope that if this new album business is true, that we aren't graced with MadTV-esque proportions...


  1. We must have had similar childhoods, Jen. Although my song of choice was "Queen of the Night". Oh yeah, I was edgy. Haha. But her "Whitney" album still sounds amazing today. I'm hoping for something like that, merged with her "Bodyguard" days, in a 2009 spin.

    A duet with John Legend would be fierceeeee.

  2. Yeah, we must have had similiar childhood's, the 90's!!! 'The Bodyguard Soundtrack' was one of my first tapes...tapes mind you LOL Oh, I loved "Queen Of The Night" too, I still jam to that song every once in awhile

    I have always had an insane loving for Whitney's 'I'm Your Baby Tonight' album...I like 'Whitney' too, but IYBT is a hella good New Jack-Pop album, if you haven't heard it, I highly suggest it! Babyface and L.A. Reid produced it and Stevie Wonder makes an's not her most well received album, but it's been my favorite of hers

    I'm shipping that John Legend duet so hard! And because I love the nugget that is Robin Thicke, I'd like to see them do something together


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