Reheating Leftovers: Back In Stride Again...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hi, I'm back!!!! Welly wells, it's been a hot minute of a week...went back to my hometown, ate too much, saw too many relatives, bought too much, watched Pushing Daisies (Lee Pace needs to marry me this instant!) too much on my brand spanking new iPod Touch and never got much sleep, figures right? That's how my "vacations" are...but I'm back in stride again, and this week should be normal blogging. So what did I miss while I was away? My mini-rundown of music happenings that I was itching to put my 2 cents in while I was computer-less for five days (!!!).

*Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" Hits #1: Can we all say FINALLY?!? It took from May 2008 (when the single was initially released) till January 2009 for this to occur and it just goes to show you that the music industry moves at a molasses in winter pace. Though the song was #2 on my best of '08 list, I still feel hollow about this victory, since well...this song is crinkly parchment paper old now. So for 2009, let's give "Pokerface" a chance...soon and not in January 2010.

*Mariah Carey Re-Does "Hero": I'm the resident Mariah Carey fan in my family (we are a cold rigid bunch, whilst I'm the Queen of Glitter and Goodness) so of course this video was brought up snarkily by cousins, to ruin my blissful moment over a plate of enchiladas. Remember that shoddy excuse for a ballads compilation that was released in the UK a while back? Well, it's hitting Stateside now, and boy, Mariah must've used all her money on hubby Nick Cannon over the holidays because she's resorted to re-recording old dried up hits for cash. Sad. It's not the fact that she sings it bad ( lacks a bit of emotion and there are some unnecessary vocal runs), it's the fact that she's attempting glory days long gone and it's kind of a waste of tape. I just want Mariah with a champagne glass in one hand and a pen in the other, and ideas in her brain, thank you much.

*Kelly Clarkson POPS: It's the trifecta of the colors of my old Barbie Dream House! Dreary December days no more, Kelly Clarkson unveiled her new album cover last week and my oh mighty it's a POW! of colors and Kelly wearing bright pink lip gloss. The cover reminds me of Suzy Quatro, Olivia Newton John and Microsoft Paint artwork that your little sister made all in one. Not wild about the album title (which was also unveiled this past week) which is called, All I Ever Wanted. It sounds so plain Jane against that rainbow sorbet backdrop. Well, at least this is an inkling that Kelly is making her fourth installment (her 4th?!? Dang, I remember when she won American Idol...) a sunshiny affair.

*Polow Da Don Drank "I'm Trippin' Hard" Juice: To think some Polow Da Don news attracted me...I must've been bored...Apparently he voiced to MTV that his current musical partnership with Ciara is alike to the musical partnership of Timbaland and the late Aaliyah. *crickets* Uh...when you and Ciara come up with a hit like "One In A Million", then maybe we'll make a comparison but since Polow has been working with Ciara and putting out sub par material as of late, um...HALE NO. My wish for 2009...for all R&B princesses (and their big headed producers) to not model/compare their careers around Aaliyah, let the woman rest in peace and get your own ideas.

*Jermaine Dupri Gets A Pink Slip: And no Janet Jackson isn't wearing it... JD (who is the President at the label) got the boot over at Island Records, reasons why are still unknown and no the recession had nothing to do with it. My guess for the firing is probably for single-handily running Mariah and Janet's current careers into the abyss of failure but I'm just being a bit bitchy due to my jet-lag. This week we will get a chance to know what really went down when the news is how the mighty have fallen

*Fergie Gets Married To Tad Hamilton: Correction--Fergie gets married to Mr. Sexy Pants Josh Duhamel...but he will always be Tad Hamilton to me. They've been engaged forever it seems but hey, it's one of the first celeb weddings of the year so jump that darn broom!

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