Reheating Leftovers: Dancing In The Streets...Motown Is 50

Thursday, January 15, 2009

*I'm a terrible terrible person, I totally forgot about Motown celebrating their 50th Anniversary this week. And I call myself a soul music fan...*slaps hand* Well, at least I wasn't like Caleb Followill from Kings Of Leon who stupidly, yes stupidly, was asked by NME magazine to name his favorite Motown songs and named a Sam Cooke and an Otis Redding song, two singers who never in life recorded on the Motown/Tamla label...sorry, but when you're involved in music, you should know better or at least put down the drink. Anyways, it's kind of wild that Berry Gordy started Motown 50 years ago and literally began a musical movement...looking back Motown is truly the blueprint for what music of today follows to the nines. I mean how many Motown/60's revival albums did you hear last year? It's quite amazing that they have pumped out so many memorable songs and legendary acts over the years. The Temptations, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Mary Wells, Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops, The Jackson 5...even Rick much great great music! Celebrate by singing "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch" at the top of your lungs and watching Leon play the hizzle out of David Ruffin in that Temptations movie that always seems to be on VH1 every other weekend.

*The time of the year I tend to avoid is Superbowl Sunday...I don't like subjecting myself to buffalo wing sticky fingers and drunk hollering folks. In the comfort of my room I will be watching Jennifer Hudson take center stage as she has been selected to sing the National Anthem at the February 1st game. This is to be Jennifer's first public appearance since the tragic events of her mother, brother and nephew's murder. Will she blow it out of the water a la Whitney and Mariah? I don't have a doubt in my mind that she will melt hearts and give goosebumps.

*Clay has served up two pretty darn cool lists here and here of artists who missed the opportunity to sing a song that eventually became a hit for someone else. The most surprising hit-n-miss? Mary Wilson of The Supremes was lined up to do Madonna's "Holiday" but passed on it...WOW. I can only imagine how THAT would've sounded and man...would Madonna even be around if that had happened? A world without Madonna is surely hard to imagine...Oh, and check out Patti LaBelle...did she have a omen or what? She skipped out on singing, "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here", "If You Don't Know Me By Now" and "Rush, Rush". Man...Paula Abdul should kiss Patti's feet every damn day for practically handing "Rush, Rush" to her on a platter.


  1. Motown is awesome, the anniversary CD they put out is worth every penny.

    Jennifer Hudson should give an amazing performance, I wish her the very best. She's been through a heck of a lot over the past few months and she deserves success. Her performance should be phenominal, she's very talented.

  2. I have a Motown compilation CD that I got in the 7th grade that I still listen to all the time. Aww, my guy Caleb is letting me down with that kind of answer!

    Finally! The return of Jennifer Hudson!

    To imagine Patti LaBelle singing "Rush Rush", or Mary Wilson singing "Holiday"'s almost like an alternate universe, right?

  3. I need to find my Motown comp. a friend gave it to me and it had alot of good songs on it but I can't seem to find it in the abyss that is my room...I might go ahead and by that Now! That's What I Call Motown compilation I saw at Wal-Mart the other day because they had every single basic Motown hit you need...what comps do you guys have? I need help in finding the right ones :)

    I can't imagine Patti singing "Rush, Rush"..."Nobody's Supposed To Be Here", yes but not "Rush, Rush"...and did you see that TLC were to record "...Baby One More Time"? While I can't imagine T-Boz's husky voice singing the song...there probably wouldn't of been a Britney Spears if that had

  4. The 50th anniversary one is pretty cool, Jennifer. I think it's not long since been released here.

  5. Hey now! Back up off Caleb's nuts! I would have easily confused Sam Cooke and Otis Redding as Motown artists. I know it's technically a label, but I look at it more as a genre. So if that makes me stupid, well then, stupid me up! Caleb=FREAKIN' SEXY! I love you! :D


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