Reheating Leftovers: Feel The Push and Pull

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

*Does anyone even care that Keri Hilson's debut, In A Perfect World is even coming out? Well, if you do, get ready to hold your breath for the umpteenth time as it has been....pushed back yet AGAIN! Now reports are saying that Keri's debut could see the light of day on March 24th of this year. Puleeze...put a fork in this turkey, it's obviously fried, roasted and charred. Keri's debut has gotten some seriously shoddy handling, and it's really no surprise to me that the album is getting yet another push back, hell I don't even think we'll ever have this album in a jewel case. Considering the weak single choices and now the issue of a listening public who are worn out by all this talk and no walk, Keri Hilson is doomed to be just a footnote in R&B music.

*There's been alot of Mariah Carey news this week and I'm happy to announce that it's all good for a change. First, for those who are unaware that Mariah is still being the thespian, Mariah's new movie Push, with Monique, Lenny Kravitz, Sherri Sheperd and Paula Patton, and directed by Lee Daniels of Monster's Ball fame, has gotten rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, and has won two top prizes at the festival. There is already Oscar buzz (for next year obviously) zipping around about the movie as it makes plans to reach theaters. Well, that sounds all kinds of amazing! Next up, producer The Dream has spilled the beans about Mariah jetting into the studio to record what is to be the tentatively titled new project of MC3. Okay, you know I love me some Mariah and I have been hard on her as of late...but in all honesty, Mariah should let the ashes of that burnt mess of E=MC2 blow in the wind before she tries to follow it up. Maybe take a year off before rushing into a new project. But always the workaholic, it's no wonder Mariah is diving back into the studio probably to redeem herself from last year's fiasco. Peep this interview with The Dream as he discusses the new Mariah project...

*Janet Jackson continues her streak of bad luck as as her recently scheduled Japan run of her RockWitChu tour has been cancelled, and her management team is citing the recent recession as the main problem for the collapse of the tour. Not surprised of the tour's demise since it was struggling, even in the States, but using the recession as an excuse (apparently the set was too expensive to maintain) seems to be a regular theme these days. Janet and her camp have apologized for the inconvenience. If anything, just release the RockWitChu Tour on friggin' DVD so all of us Janet fans who missed the show can be satisfied!


  1. Here's to hoping for Ms. Hilson! I loved "Energy", even though it was pretty run of the mill r&B. She's like of like Kara DioGuardi -- writes well for others, but can't her own started.

  2. Keri Hilson deserves so much more and yet she has continuously been pushed from pillar to post with this album release date, it's pathetic and now I think people are far beyond caring, which is a great shame.

    The same happened to Michelle Williams, her album was pushed back and weak promotion meant she didn't reach her true potential.

  3. Don't get me wrong, I like Keri Hilson, it's just tiring that she is being tossed aside when she obviously has talent. I wonder who is producing her?...well, besides Timbaland...

    I agree with ya Mel, she should be keeping all the good stuff for herself! This reminds me of Cathy Dennis's career, she had great success with her debut album and then her last two albums did poorly but she's written a TON of hits for Britney and Kylie in recent years, bad thing her solo career just didn't stick around long enough


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