Reheating Leftovers: An Inaugural Thought

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh, me oh my! In addition to my short absence (getting back in the swing of school, hooking up with my divas again and joyously finding out my god awful roommate was evicted!!), we have a new president!

Change has happened and we (the ones who have been wanting change for a long while) are ecstatic that Barack Obama has being sworn into office. So I'll stop with my Obama gushing after this post because I'm literally in a hangover from all the Inaugural stuff and I wasn't even there...but thanks to MSNBC and local channels I felt like I was in the frigid D.C. weather boo-hoo crying. So while I watch Obama's Inaugural speech for the umpteenth time, love the life out of the Obama daughters (sooo cute!!) and find out where in hells Aretha Franklin got that bow garnished church hat from...

First, okay, okay...Beyonce did a pretty good job singing Etta James's classic "At Last" during the Obamas first dance during the Inaugural Ball ceremony. While I'm sure Beyonce got on her knees and begged her Daddy Dearest to be on that stage...she rose to the occasion. Aside from that, the Obama's dance together is this is love I wish I could experience!

Second, most Kylie Minogue fans know of her song, "I Believe In You"...but you have not heard this stunning rendition from the Aussie pop queen's X Tour from last year. It is in a simple word: GORGEOUS...and if you get past the romantic touches, the bulk of it clearly describes sentiments to Obama's journey to the White House...okay, the man is not the Messiah, but I just wanted to share this gorgeously done song to compare with yesterday's festivities! Enjoy below!


  1. It truly was an amazing night to remember. I never thought I'd cry over a politician, as I never have before, but on Election Night I broke into happy tears as he gave his victory speech. And I felt myself get all emotional last night when he walked out with Michelle to the tune of "Hail to the Chief" at the Neighborhood Ball.

    ::SIGH:: Now, I just hope the mania calms down and he can get to work on fixing our broken country!

  2. It was truly historic, Barack Obama should be an amazing president, he has already shown the world so much promise. It's a great thing that history is being made and his wife makes a very fabulous and fashionable first lady.

    I hope that this man can fix all that's wrong in the world today, it'd be amazing is people could live in harmony isntead of finsing something to fight over. I know it's an unrealistic dream at the moment, but please let peace be realistic. That's all I ask for. It'd be nice to live in a world where the focus wasn't spent on people fighting, etc.


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