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Monday, January 26, 2009

*While I was angry that I was cut off in the checkout line at Michael's Crafts this weekend, Mariah Carey has expressed that she was a bit peeved that she wasn't allowed to sit onstage with the Obama family during the swearing in portion of the the Inauguration, last Tuesday. She was so mad that she walked away when she found out that she was only allowed to sit in the VIP section for celebrities where Alicia Keys, Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen were all seated. Well, boo hoo to you Mariah, I had to watch the Inauguration on my TV at my house. See that's what you get for marrying Nick Cannon...people don't take you seriously anymore...

*Gasps all around! UK soul guy, James Morrison has finally stepped onto US shores for a few (and I'm talking few) tour dates! He's currently opening for Adele's tour during the January and February months. Critics have claimed his show as "eye-browraisingly funky" that "eyebrowraisingly" has the makings for a real word. Still if it's a pretty good turn-out, who knows? Maybe us Statesiders could be seeing more of James in the near future! Crossing fingers and doing prayer ritual chants with BFF Brittany in hopes that he will grace Texas soon...tour dates are posted on here.

*Reason #21 why American Idol is hurting the music industry: Remember Sanjaya Malakar? He was on AI's Season 6? He had a Mohawk and a crazy crying fan girl? Okay, remember how he was kinda awful, but yet he stayed on due to people voting to see him fail every week? Well, he has has a book out now and he's telling the world about his Idol adventures and his short life as an "artist" (isn't he only 17?). This is seriously killing me softly. Sanjaya has a book out and I'm STILL being denied a Journalism degree because I haven't finished a fuggin' Statistics course? The cards of life play some cruel hands...

*Congratulations: To Heather Headley, as her first gospel jaunt, Audience Of One, (which was just released this month) is nestled nicely at the #1 spot on the Billboard Gospel/Christian charts.

And to India.Arie, who got a blessing from jazz-soul singer, Sade to cover her 1992 track, "Pearls"...also congrats to Sade for coming out of her hibernation, because we've all been wondering where the hell she has been, a new album from her is looong overdue.

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