Someone Put Their Smart Cap On...and It's Kelly Rowland!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

An apple dropped on Kelly Rowland's noggin' and a Newton-esque experience occurred...she got smart. The former Destiny's Child member, has finally cut the cord from long time dictator manager, Matthew Knowles, father of former group mate, Beyonce Knowles. No surprise since Miss Rowland's solo career has been suffering due to the attachment. It's just a little shocking she waited this long to finally do so. I mean a person can take so much abuse. If I saw my debut CD go straight to discount bins and my singles being poorly distributed, I would've skedaddled a long time ago. As I always root for the underdog, I'm being a cheerleader for Kelly to make a successful return to a solo career as her sophomore album, Ms. Kelly had potential to be a hit record. It'd be blissful anarchy if other DC member, Michelle Williams also got off her rump and left the Knowles torture chamber camp too after the shoddy distribution of last year's not so bad, Unexpected. You must remember ladies: I'm a survivor, I ain't gonna give up, I'm gonna work harder...

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