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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Be Your Girl"-Teedra Moses (2006)

Let me clearly state this: I miss Teedra Moses. One fantastic album and then poof! gone! Her absence wouldn't be so torturous if it wasn't for the fact that we keep getting toyed with mixtapes, promises of a new album and leaked tracks like last year's "So Kool". So to reminisce (and hope that Teedra gets my mental message to get on the stick and release a new album...) Complex Simplicity got a spin this morning, and I seriously forgot how near perfect this album is. I might trek on CS's territory at a later date, but for now I really haven't been able to get "Be Your Girl" out of my head. What I like about this song is that it's preciously derived. It's not too sappy and it's not too down-on-the-knees begging. It's a school girl crush kind of wanting, harmless and hopeless...but a tad promising. While I haven't felt the butterflies that came with crushes long gone (in my life, love is definitely a battlefield), this song and it's silky smooth mid-tempo beat reminds me of having those feelings...okay, sorry for getting all swoon worthy on you and right now, probably your gag reflexes are on overdrive...but if you wanna feel the love on a Tuesday then just peep the video to see what I mean....

The funny thing about this music video is that the guy Teedra's crushing on throughout the song...isn't even represented in the vid! Uh...I'm guessing it was a tight budget...Some pretty cool scenes of New York City though

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