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Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Me & My Imagination"-Sophie Ellis Bextor (2007)

As the first official school week (for me at least) winds down, I can't help but feel like I have gone straight into fiery combat and emerged, bruised but stable and ready to fight another fight. So I need some Sophie Ellis-Bextor to help me crawl to my weekend. The perfect track of choice? "Me & My Imagination" of coursey! I've always had a fascination with this song off of her sparkling 2007 album, Trip The Light Fantastic . It's not as grandiose as shoulda-been single, "If You Go", but it's quite divine in its own right. The song seems to transport you into a luxurious glistening glitter world, where disco balls and elegant ballroom floors collide. A chugging beat mixed in with Sophie's accented vocals and dip n' dive strings makes this song an elegant yet dance worthy piece of pop. I'm daydreamin' away with this song...

I sometimes glide and twirl in the streets like that, people stare but hey, it's, look at all the pretty colors!...I like Sophie's eyeshadow combo...Sometimes I wish my imagination would come to life like this, but then again, it's best stuck in my noggin'...


  1. You know what, I'm not a huge fan of this artists music usually. But this tune is just wow, I've been a sucker for this song for a while now. I think it's really catchy and Dance music usually isn't my scene and this has elements of that in it.

    I do like this song though.

  2. I love this! Very epic - but in it's own smallish way! I love it!


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