Spin Me Right Round: What's Cookin' In 'Martika's Kitchen'?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Martika, Martika, Martika...what a fun name to say...On the flip side, Martika's 1991 album, Martika's Kitchen is a fun album to play. While Martika has been MIA since the 90's (and has popped up in the group Operra as of 2003), I always feel that she was seriously shafted for putting forth an ambitious sophomore effort. Too much was Martika was lumped in the same teen mall queen category as Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, Martika was the dark horse out of the three, making music that was whip smart and hellicious funky. The former Kids Incorporated alum (Fergie and Rahsaan Patterson are graduates of this 80's/90's show as well), first came to recognition with the track, "Toy Soldiers" in 1989. It was a world-wide smash hit and Martika could never seriously out ride it. To my ears, Martika's Kitchen is one of the best pop/R&B albums from the early 90's, and with Prince in the production seat for a bulk of the songs...it wins it's case right there. The gorgeous "Love Thy Will Be Done" is one of Prince's best ballads. Martika sings the song so delicately that it almost feels like a fragile confession of love. Funky tunes like "Don't Say U Love Me" and "Temptation" show off Martika's spunk as the bouncy dance pop-Gospel of "Spirit" is also groovin'. Personally, I find tracks like the boom of "Pride & Prejudice" and the quirky doo-wop "Broken Heart" to be the better tracks, but that's me being picky. Martika's Kitchen has every element of what a pop/R&B album should be: sharp, whimsical, romantic and infectious. Bon Appetit!

Rating: 9.5/10

Oooh...pretty images, seriously I have a weakness for black and white videos...guh, this song is just gorgeous...I really like Martika's haircut, though I'd look like an 8 year old boy if I had it...

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