Thriller Killer Night...On Broadway!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If they can turn a dozen ABBA songs into a musical about a wedding and three babies daddies, then there is certainly room for a musical based on Michael Jackson's 1983 groundbreaking music video, "Thriller"! News has circulated that there is indeed production gab about turning Jackson's video into a stage spectacle and that Jackson himself will have a hand in the creative process of the show. The show will outline the historic (yes, my children, it is historic...) video's plot line of a simple movie date gone horror movie wrong...with all of it set to the music of Jackson's 1982 Thriller album, as well as his 1979 Off The Wall album. As I type this, I can just picture all the awesome nostalgia this could encompass. As my pals over at SoulBounce thought of all the fabulous stuff this musical could possess, let me agree as well that this has the potential to be full of win. Think about it...dancing zombies, "Baby Be Mine" and "Off The Wall" finally being put to good use, maybe an even more of an in-depth look at the relationship between Michael and his girlfriend (hey, she didn't know he was a friggin' wolf...that's devastating). Oh, and think of all that 80's fashion and Jheri curl juice. Before I get myself overexcited, there is still no word on when production will be taking place, all we have to ride on is that it's "coming soon". Well, hurry up! So get those red zipper jackets out of hibernation, it's time to get prepared for the thrills that this show is destined to bring.

Since I couldn't embed the classic video...For all you Broadway Babies who wanna get on board and audition for the zombie parts, here's an instructional video on how to dance "The Thriller"...well, to some extent...


  1. You beat me to it with this -- I read about this in the paper today! I'm so psyched! I can't wait to see how they work in all of the tunes into one crazy zombie musical...Ahhh, how exciting!

  2. This cannot be a good thing. Why would Michael Jackson even consider taking such a classic song and making it into a drawn out musical. I predict negative ratings for the muical, should it actually take form, in addition to negative ones for the song...


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