Wipe Off The Dust: "Outside Your Door" Vs. "Talk To Me"

Monday, January 12, 2009

My music nerdiness has reared it's head once again. For years, this bizarre little album by a female trio called Voyceboxing resided in my parent's home collecting dust. Apparently, my Dad bought it because he was a bit GRP jazz music label fan (Patti Austin, Lee Ritenour et al.) but since he has so much music, it kind of got shuffled around. My curious cat nature found this, put it in the player and I got a little gobsmacked at one particular song called, "Talk To Me". Any self-proclaimed neo-soul egghead has heard the gorgeous 1993 Me'shell Ndegeocello track, "Outside Your Door", off of her (amazing) debut, Plantation Lullibies. Well, apparently, "Talk To Me" was written by a then unknown Meshell Lynn Johnson and she's credited as the writer of this track on Voyceboxing's one and only self-titled 1991 album. Don't get confused...Meshell and Me'shell are the same person, just when you go for a fabulous musical makeover adding an apostrophe to divide your name in half is the essential way to go. I'm still not quite sure if Me'shell was a part of Voyceboxing or just passing through, because it is never mentioned in the liner notes nor in Me'shell's bio. Hmm...interesting. There isn't much info about Voyceboxing aside from the fact that it was jazz musician Lenny White's project, but the album itself it pretty good...you might see this again as a Spin Me Right Round review in the future *winks* "Talk To Me" is physically the first recording of the timeless "Outside Your Door" but done differently as it's more synth savvy and doesn't have that "raw n' stripped" appeal of the well-known version. Still the song is just as moving, gorgeous and poignant no matter what version you hear...I like 'em both and it's kind of nice to discover two different versions.

Compare and contrast below...

Talk To Me-Voyceboxing

Outside Your Door-Me'shell Ndegeocello

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