Adventures In Irrelevancy: Bringing Musicals Back...I Guess?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oooh, dear...where shall I begin with this...first off, Hugh Jackman is a sexy man, a VERY sexy man. A very sexy man who should've been touching my legs, twirling me around and singing songs from Grease and Chicago with me...and NOT Beyonce. But alas, I'm stuck watching all of this unfold on my couch with my three BFF's, with only my imagination for comfort. If you missed the Slumdog Millionaire Appreciation Night the Oscars last night, you missed this odd little musical montage that was meant to convince us we need to give musicals some love (which we do!). Bey and Hugh donned jazz hands, and sang songs from various musicals in this really mashed together train wreck. Beyonce and Hugh weren't alone in this, as they were joined by two Disney twats and two kiddos from Mama Mia! But you could barely see them due to Beyonce's thunder thighs strutting around. In short, this performance is soooo entertainly bad...even though it had potential to be good. I got secondhand embarrassment for Hugh as this performance crumbled like a cookie as it progressed on. Especially when they merged a High School Musical 3 song with Etta James's "At Last".....such agony. Oh, and Beyonce, you can retire now from singing "At Last"...we get it.


  1. I didn't watch this, but I saw snippets on the news cos us Brits have been doing big things again. YAY! A northerner (like me) won awards, the man behind the incredible Slumdog Millionaire movie. I always said us northerners are summat special. Haha!! YAY!


    Anyway, on the subject of these guys selling musicals for people, I could think of better people to get to do a medley of musicals. There are artists out there that could do even more amazing things with this, this performance could have been something special if the right people were put into the showcase.

    I agree on the Hugh Jackman part though, he is very sexy indeed.

  2. LOL, toot that horn! Yeah, it was a big night for 'Slumdog'...I was rooting for 'Milk' but I guess I gotta check out 'Slumdog' now that it won the big cheese prize

    I agree...this could've been so good, or maybe they should've just had Hugh do it by himself, cause he did well with the opening number (YouTube it, it's hilarious) but they truly picked the wrong people, I mean, Queen Latifah was there, she could've done the number from 'Chicago' and I heard that the guy from 'Mama Mia!' tripped and messed up on the just seemed thrown together at the last minute.

    And YES on Hugh Jackman!


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