Album Watch: Jam & Lewis To 'Escapade' With Janet Again?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hats off to all the Janatics who went into their makeshift closet shrines and chanted silent prayers for Janet Jackson to reunite with long time producers, Jimmy Jam and Terry can get off your knees now and put your Rhythm Nation key adorned hoop earring back on the rack, your hard work has paid off. Recently, Jam disclosed that he and Lewis are indeed working on Janet's follow-up to the ill received 2008 Discipline effort. The award winning producer responded that there wasn't a riff between the long time musical partnership, as fans suspected when the duo were MIA after Janet's 2006 effort, 20 Y.0. But Jam has expressed that the duo are excited to get back in the studio with their star pupil. No word on when the project will be released, but from the sound of things, it seems like the project is already bubbling. My question is: Is Janet really working on a new album or are they just hyping us fans up again? Don't get me wrong...I'm all for this...because this is one trifecta that has pumped out some of R&B's biggest and best stuff...but why the rush? It'd be kind of nice to see Janet really take the time to put out a well crafted album than just dive head first into a new project so quickly, especially right after a wobbly tour project (the Rockwitchu Tour) and all those pregnancy rumors. Still if Jam and Lewis are back in the studio with Janet, then let the magic begin!

Oh...and who would've thunk it that The Time are getting back together for a new album??

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  1. Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Janet have an undeniable chemistry but if the music's not gonna be on par with Velvet Rope or greater, they shouldn't even bother. We've been let down by our girl far too many albums in a row now. Crossing fingers. yay!


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