Artist Watch: An 80's Rendezvous With La Roux

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jonesin' for some day-glo 80's synth-funk just so you can have an excuse to romp around in those leg warmers you shamelessly bought? La Roux is at your service. The thing to come away with this English duo is that you will indefinitely become entranced by Elly Jackson's voice, not to mention that wicked haircut she has. Jackson's voice reminds me of a higher-pitched Annie Lennox or Alison Moyet, and that in itself are shoddy descriptions, because Jackson is of her own accord. The duo (Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid) are on par with their delivery of spunky and stark 80's new wave meets smoky soul, such as displayed in the perky pounce of "Quicksand", which is an ode to unrequited love. La Roux's newest single, "In For The Kill" is glistening with 80's hi-gloss and neon spunk and sure enough is to be the breakout hit. La Roux has been bubbling in the brew of blogdom as the ones to watch for '09 since last year, and yes, it's about time I gave them a proper here are two tracks for your listening enjoyment to getcha in the know. La Roux's debut album will be making an appearance in the Spring of 2009. Cool beans!




  1. 'Quicksand' is a tune, I noticed this song a while ago and it's very hot. She was on BBC's list of artists to watch out for this year or something like that, the same list that Adele was on last time.

    Great choice for a feature.

  2. Thanks :) I'm loving the songs that I've heard...but "Quicksand" has been my fave so far, can't wait for the debut to drop!


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