Artist Watch: Asa's American Arrival

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Americans are usually tardy to alot of things. Music is one of those things we always get a late-slip for. This is possibly due to us only looking at what's cookin' in our backyard but not what is cookin' past the fence. Case in point with Parisian born, Nigerian bred artist, Asa (pronounced Asha) whom has been wowing the overseas crowd for a good three years, yet she's just now getting some exposure on American shores. Asa's self-titled debut has been out since 2007, but in January of this year the album found it's way into the States. And from the sound of things...we've been missing out! The singer/songwriter/guitarist brings to mind if Bob Marley, Wycelf Jean and India.Arie were put into a blender and out came the smooth and rich product of Asa's Afro-Folk and Soul sound. Sans comparisons, Asa's got a style all her own as it represents all the elements of what makes good music--it's honest, raw and leaves an imprint long after the last notes of the song fade out. Asa's second single, the quiet rumble of "Jailer", is one to really marvel at. Its composition is simple, but the message is so powerful. Definitely have a listen to this. So catch up with the rest of the world, as there is no doubt that Asa is geared to be an artist who will leave a lasting impression.

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  1. I'm sure this artist was on Jools Holland's show on TV here a while back, the name certainly rings a bell. She's very talented anyway, it's always a great thing when talented artists get some recognition.

    We have some new talent surfacing on radio, etc here as well. Anthoney Wright is definitely one to keep your peepers open for.


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