Enter Robin's 'Dreamworld'

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Robin Thicke has been stalking me since he stepped on the Grammy Awards stage this past Sunday...or so I wish! I've been seeing him everywhere, like today, he did a performance on The View, then someone in one of my classes had his photo on a binder (do people still do that in college?) and then I turned on the TV and there was a commercial advertising his album....and now the video for new single, "Dreamworld" is released today...hmm...Nonetheless, a video from Thicke has been long over due and it's fabtastic that he has released a video for one of the best songs off of last year's Something Else record. Robin looks smoldering as he plays on the piano, seduces a pretty young thang and walks around the great outdoors to reflect on life. You know, hitting all the usual "soul man in a video" criteria. The message is really in the song so just give a listen, if you haven't already...


  1. I LOVE this song. It's my fave from the album, actually. But...

    Oh. My. God.

    You were taught school by Jared's mother? WHHHHHAAAAT? That's crazy! I knew she was a teacher and stuff, but I never would assume that someone I knew was taught by her. That's freaking amazing! Do you watch "Supernatural"? You should. It's so cheesy in its execution, its a total guilty pleasure. And both Jared and Jensen Ackles are gods. Beautiful. Oh!

    See, now between meeting him at the premiere and him offering me a hug, and now you telling me you know his mother, he and I are practically married. Haha.

  2. Wild right? I haven't seen her in years, cause of college and my parents moving away from the city, but yep, if you feel like getting in stalker mode, you have a connection in me...hee hee. I've never sat and watched 'Supernatural' but I never realized that him AND Jensen Ackles was on that show, till now...and I will probably start watching cause Jensen Ackles is FINE! What day and time does it come on?

    LOL, yep you are practically married and he just doesn't know it yet :)

  3. Haha. :) Hey -- he offered the hug, I didn't even ask. I was feeling pretty damn good about myself after that. ;)

    What was she like? Was she nice? ahaha, I do feel a bit stalker-ish. You should def watch it, although its in danger of being cancelled now (sad face) but it's in its fourth year, and we're hoping for a fifth, because that's what the executive producer behind it originally wanted to play out the whole storyline he wanted. It's on Thursday nights at 9PM at that dreaded Grey's Anatomy/CSI spot, which is probably why it isn't as well known as it should be...

  4. I love how these comments are off topic! LOL, don't worry, we all have that one guy who we are secretly married to in our minds...seriously, I'm in a fab relationship with Lee Pace from 'Pushing Daises' and in a sharing relationship with Hugh Jackman as my BFF and I are taking turns...lol

    His mom is nice, really nice, she was a good teacher too. She was also the newspaper advisor at my high school too...gosh, I haven't thought about her class in ages!

    Hey, CSI is NOT dreaded j/k...LOL, well, it is now that half of the original cast is gone...maybe since they and Grey's have been blowing hard, I'll check out 'Supernatural' I need some new shows to watch and kudos for the show lasting that long, I'm still feeling the bruise of 'PD' and it's sudden cancellation. At least CW is giving the show another season, us 'PD' fans have to wait till friggin' JUNE for some sort of resolvement of the show...ABC sucks


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