Everybody Spread The Word About The 'Masterjam'

Monday, February 2, 2009

There are a couple of things you should know before judging this video with 21st Century eyes:

  • This was recorded in 1979
  • "Masterjam" is the title track to Rufus and Chaka Khan's 1979 Quincy Jones produced album and it was a disco affair...note the shoes and the silk shirts
  • Gold lame was all the rage then
  • Microphones were about as big as Nintendo Wii control stick back then too
  • Chaka Khan's vocal pipes would knock down Redwoods in California and knock out about 2/3 of the singers on the charts today
  • Wind machines made hair fluffier in videos then, and white backdrops were a must
  • This will be the most exciting thing you'll see all day
Now that that is out of the way, you can view the video with less judgy judge behavior. Bands like Rufus and Chaka Khan are lost commodity these days but it's nice to revel in their past glories with videos like this one. I have raved on how big of a fan I am of the 1970's and 1980's Chicago band, so I won't babble anymore. But to conclude, I must say that Masterjam, though glistening in dated disco-pop sweat, it's one of Quincy Jones's finest productions and if you like what you hear here, I highly suggest you scoop up a copy.


  1. Masterjam is a great album - especially nice are the tracks:
    "Heaven Bound",
    "I'm Dancing For Your Love",
    "Any Love", and
    "Live In Me"

  2. Darian, yay! Someone who likes 'Masterjam'! It is a great album and all those songs you listed are my faves from the set. "Heaven Bound" and "Live In Me" are probably my faves, and I like the arrangement on "I'm Dancing For Your Love", good picks :)


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