First Impressions: Lily Gives Us All A Pink Polished Middle Finger

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brace yourself, as Lily Allen has a bone to pick with each and everyone of us. The British pop tart has already made it crystal clear that she will not be muzzled or pushed into the category of dancing cutesy pop princess. She proved that point quite boldly with her snappy 2007 debut, Alright, Still. Now in 2009, Lily has gone through some changes, she suffered a miscarriage at the beginning of 2008, went topless while the paps went wild with the shutter button and she even got in a sparring match with Sir Elton's all been active in Lilyville, but not in the music department, till now. Lily is her bouncy sarcastic self as her sophomore effort, It's Not Me, It's You feels like a middle finger with polka-dot fingernail polish. It's sour, yet sweet...It's Not Me delivers sing-songy pop more so than the ska and horn soul hybrid of it's predecessor. Imagine perky beach blanket 60's pop that has gained a 21st century attitude. The lead off single, "The Fear" is crisp as the day I heard it and never gets old. Tracks like the electro-pulsating, "Back To Start" and the drag n' drop groove of "Everyone's One It" squirt out such spunk they are hard to resist. "Not Fair" has a rock-a-billy structure and it's quite engaging. Head bobs will ensue when you hear the security blanket of "Who'd Of Known". Lily lets out her angst on the blunt as hell, "Fuck You", which is about the now defunct Bush Administration. The irony of the song is that it's beat seems better suited for a children's show theme song. The only downfall with It's Not Me, is that alot of the songs kind of gel into one another, nothing sounds remotely various as a majority of this sounds safe. Not to be a bit picky, but at first listen you forget where one song stopped and the other began. Still Lily is as snarky and as poignant as ever and that alone makes her second outing a blissful excursion from the typical pop fare.

Rating: 8.7/10
Release Date: February 10, 2009


  1. Lily Allen doesn't take any prisoners, she's always said what's on her mind. She is said to have recently told Katy Perry what's what as well, airing her out on her Myspace blog.

    David Cameron (leader of the Conservative party, for those who don't know) is a fan and said so on GMTV at the beginning of this week. He apparently gave her CD to Barack Obama.

    The Fear is a tune!

  2. I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this album. Am still repeating it today. Go Lily! She's exceeded all my expectations!




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