First Impressions: The World According To Arie

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pay attention folks, India.Arie is giving a seminar on love and life's little lessons. So get your pencils and notepads ready to scribble down some notes, because Ms. Arie is about to school you. Ever since her 2001 critically acclaimed debut, Acoustic Soul, India has been telling it like it is, and all done to the backdrop of sweet and home grown soul. The Denver, Colorado native follows in the same vein as her previous efforts with her fourth effort, Testimony: Vol 2. Love and Politics, the sequel to 2006's Testimony: Vol. 1 Life & Relationship. With guitar in tow, India picks up where she left off and gives fans what she so seamlessly produces...quality music. True to the title, India takes on the two spectrums of romance and politics and it makes for an interesting blend of subjects on the album. Songs like the Latin fusion of "Ghetto" and the pounding gut guitar of "Better Way" both chronicle news makers from the past couple of years with images of the flooding in New Orleans and economic turmoil. MC Lyte joins India on the hypnotic 70's air of "Psalms 23" which flows on a wave of spiritual positivity. In contrast, India weaves in the heart on her sleeve with more lighter tunes. The infectious richness of her Musiq Soulchild duet, "Chocolate High" had me from the opening chords and the two wade confidently into classic Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrelle waters. The much too short, "Yellow" has a Stevie Wonder vibe that rides on gracefully and features guest star, Terrell Carter. It's one of stronger songs on the set next to India's poetic read of Sade's classic, "Pearls" where she almost makes the song her own. Love & Politics does have one small issue, and that is the inclusion of the "Grains" interludes, which sound great but would've served better as a full length compensation, not as choppy interludes. Though with a small mis-step, Miss Arie still delivers a strong effort, though not as streamlined as her previous efforts, there are no disappointments here.

Rating: 9.3/10

Release Date: Februrary 10, 2009

I love how the first thing Musiq does when he gets up is put on his shades...They mentioned Hershey's and Godiva chocolates, do they seriously want me to go into my pantry and get fat?...Ooowee, They are getting mighty close, how sexy!

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  1. I'm not sure how I first felt about India. I though that she was too much when I first saw her. I mean I have friends who have been sing/songwriting and who been rocking the boheimian "firght the power" look for a while and it seems now that she has a grasp on it, she sort of took that away from them. But when I really listen to Voyage to India. That entire album turned my out look on how I view her as an artist. Now a few years later she almost seems to have a grasp and handle on everything around her. This is a woman who truely loves what she does and she embodies it in every sense of the word. I have listen to bits and pieces of this album but I have no doubt in my mind that she is going to intullectually enlighten me and find some aspects of life that I never though about before and that's what music should be about.


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