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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just a little ramblin' shop talk this Saturday, while I stall on homework....

We all can't be satisfied when it comes to the Grammys. Either you like the nominees or you want to hurl trash at them. The Grammy's are a music nerd's Superbowl and it's always a grand ole time to just sit back and watch the madness unravel. Not to mention that there is always some fashion faux pas, wretched performance or undeserving win that will get snarky remarks come Monday morning. To be perfectly honest, the Grammys have turned from an elite event honoring music into a full fledged college keg party honoring music. And this year is really no exception as we have a mosaic cast of characters. We've got a jumper wearing girl snogger (Katy Perry *blech*), a Quasimoto rapper (Lil' Wayne), and pubescent Disney whiners (The Jonas Brothers)...the's all quite surprising about the noms because we also have worthy noms amid mainstream trash (Raphael Saddiq, Adele, Janelle Monae, Sam Sparro, Mayisha and Jazmine name a precious few), and clearly it will be totally interesting to see who will be making that acceptance speech. So who is really deserving of the gilded golden gramophone? I've said my 50 cents about the Grammy noms, so what do the critics say? Most (especially the tool machine of Rolling Stone) are putting their bucks on Lil' Wayne scooping up Album of The Year and The Jonas Bros taking the Best New Artist, but you know me, I gotta call foul when I see some shit that's stinkin' as it seems that some people are opting for glitzy chart/fanbase action than actual usual. Still I would find it kind of refreshing if we kind of ignored the hype for once and actually focused on what songs/artists/albums were actually good. But that's like promising myself that I won't eat that 10th double chocolate chip cookie...the cookie will be eaten, just like Ne-Yo will continue to be Michael Jackson's main impersonator and get his Grammys. It will just happen. The most amusing thing is obviously the performances which good golly all mighty about a majority of every single artists known to mankind is performing. And alot of them are collaborating together on stage, which means it possesses Wu Tang Clan syndrome...everyone is involved. Seriously, its a long list...and Radiohead actually performing at an award show is epic...well, if Sly Stone resurrected himself on the Grammy stage that one year, anything is possible. So come Sunday, I'll be taking time out of my life to watch those 10,000 performances that are to be stompin' the stage this year at the awards, and making my coverage piece as if you really care you can stick around for that :)

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