The Gospel: Will The Stars Fall?

Monday, February 16, 2009

For a straight week, the headlines have been spinning out of control about the domestic violence actions between one of music's hottest couples, Chris Brown and Rihanna. While the facts have been fuzzy and the responses have varied from sympathizers to the insensitive (looking at you Terrence "Babywipes" Howard), one thing is for certain that something horrifically wrong went down. In this day and age where celebrities bop in and out of jail with barely a slap on the wrist, the recent events involving the rising starlets leaves a sour aftertaste in most mouths especially since these two are barely legal. With Chris at 19 and Rihanna recently turning 20, the occurrence does shed light on abuse between young unmarried couples something that rarely gets discussed. As this is another topic all together, the real inquiry I have is will this whole incident affect their careers? While it sounds like I'm overanalyzing, the reason I wanted to say my 50 cents is because I wanted people to really think about this; the reasons why we support celebrities even when they might do something that isn't the glorious persona that we build them up to be. Just recently, Brown released a statement detailing that his is sorry for his actions, right in sync with Rihanna, whom has also come forth to smartly say she wants nothing do with Brown. While that's all fine and dandy, does this really matter to some? Even though abuse is nothing to take light about, Chris's fans have been supporting him since day one and haven't stopped since. This seriously disturbs me as it has me thinking that maybe this is giving the wrong impression to our younger generation, that it's okay to physically attack another person, because well..."Chris Brown did it so it's okay" it is NOT. Another disturbing thing is that some people are cashing in on this tragic story as MTV is showing it's first music related show at prime time tomorrow about the couple's short lived union. And in serious bad taste, one T-shirt site made tank tops that read: "Rihanna Deserved It"....le sigh, some people just don't have tact. This brings it back 'round to my question, with all this hoopla of rumors, tasteless t-shirts, TV specials and sparring fans, once all the ashes are blown away and the two have gone their separate ways, what will be left of these stars? Will Rihanna be forever the poster child for abuse and be known as the Tina Turner of her generation? Will the Chris not suffer from this as we have accepted criminal activity from other celebrities in the past? Or do we, the public even care because they are just money grabbing celebrities? While I'm not a fan of either singers, I do have sympathy for Rihanna, and Chris better be thanking his lucky stars that Rihanna and her camp didn't press charges...With all this said, we all are going to have to fasten our seat belts, because darlings it's going to be a bumpy ride for these two.

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  1. I'm sorry but I have to laugh at T.I. and his comments that he made on the carson daily show. Like he made it sound like Chris Brown doesn't care about the whole situation. Like doesn't T.I. need to be gearing up for the next session of his reality show? Or better yet doesn't he need to be doing some real community service like mentoring or building houses?lol I digress.

    Anyway, I've come to several conclutions with the whole Chris Brown situation. Our nation is a media obsessed/possessed culture. So if something like this happens, instead of bring awareness to it and learning from it we glorify it and do uninspiring 1 hour special on it (case insist MTV special). Also, the public will not really know what happen between the two of them that night until the Brabra Walters/Diane Sawyer special comes out and even then we still won't get the full truth. In this case there's two sides and then there is what really happen. The whole thing is an unfortunate situation and for the media/people to make judgements on what happen before the whole story is unfair. But we also live in a unfair society.
    For the younger generation I think that they should really talk to their parents/guardians about what is being said and the terms that people are using because domestic abuse is a very serious accusation and it's like there should be some kind of open discussion about it not a glorification of it.
    That's just my 2 cents.


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