Reheating Leftovers: Beauty and The Beat

Monday, February 2, 2009

*Keyshia Cole being on the cover of VIBE's Style Issue with the tag of "That New Fresh" is all kinds of "whaa?" but you gotta hand it to VIBE for making up for a blind moment by crafting the cover into something quite chic and artsy. Since I'm a magazine whore, this is the type of cover I would keep and frame because its eclectic and probably will never happen again for the magazine. Now if only VIBE would be "that new fresh" with it's contents...

*The NOW That's What I Call Music! CD franchise is not only a evil breed of a cash cow but it is blessedly a crash course for dummies on mainstream music. Now just imagine if the franchise became a music show. Well, imagine no more as the CD series might be coming to a TV screen near you, and not as infomercials. In this day and age where finding music in a creditable show setting is like finding King Tut's tomb, this might not be a bad idea. The show is planning to consist of interviews with big time music stars, performances, behind the scenes looks of concerts and making of albums, and it will also have a feature where they will give attention to up-n-coming artists. Hmm...that sounds pretty nifty. I'm curious to know what channel will lap this up, because if it is successful and can appeal to the masses, this might be the revival of music on TV as we know it. Who knows?

*I don't get the Twitter craze...why does everyone need or even care to know that I took my trash out, came back and am now drinking sparkling apple cider and watching an episode of Smart Guy? Still Twitter and its users never ceases to bring the lulz, as Erykah Badu's baby daddy, producer Jay Electronica Twittered the event of the birth of the couple's daughter. Seriously, right down to "water broke". Congrats on the birth though! I'm itching to know what cosmic concoction of a name they are going to give her as Erykah's other kids are named Seven Sirius and Puma Rose...oh, the possibilities!

*Got damn can she sing! Jennifer Hudson packed a serious vocal punch at the Super Bowl last night. I missed it due to it slipping my mind that it was actually Super Bowl Sunday, but thank goodness for my rowdy and semi-drunk upstairs neighbors as I was quickly reminded of why I avoid this American "fun fest". Still even in it's YouTube glory, J. Hud gives an electrifying performance that let's us all know that she is BACK! Prepare to get some chills...

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