Reheating Leftovers: Disturbia...and Adele Talks Grammys

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

*Well, you've probably already heard the news about young love going tragically wrong over the weekend. Well, to recap, if you have been under a rock since Saturday...singer, Chris Brown was arrested for domestic battery on Sunday and his girlfriend, singer Rihanna was also involved as she was reported to have been the victim of the assault, with multiple bruises and a bloody lip--yipes! Well, as I predicted, Breezy has been suspended from his Wrigley Spearmint Gum campaign...did he not learn anything from Michael Phelps's bong smoking fiasco from last week? Currently, Chris has been released from jail on $5,000 bail and no further details have been disclosed. Man, what a big tragic MESS...and talk about career killer cause men who hit women are doomed to follow in Ike Turner's loser steps...

*My grandma's favorite show, Dancing With The Stars, has revealed their new line-up of celeb contestants and the line-up is just as random and diverse as you would imagine. Musically, Jewel and an ex-Go-Go, Belinda "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" Carlise are contestants along with...drum roll....Lil' Kim! Oh, man, oh man...I just gotta witness that, the weave tossing and revival dance groping a la "How Many Licks"...what? You know she's going to do it, no matter if Dancing With The Stars is a family show!

*Sorry, on a Adele kick at the moment...The British vocalist was really the only televised winner I was excited for while watching the Grammys Sunday night...because she was the most deserving, not to say nobody else was (okay, maybe that goblin known as Lil' Wayne wasn't) but Adele expressed tears and looked genuinely stoked. So what did she have to say about her two Grammy wins (she also won for Best Pop Vocal for "Chasing Pavements"), peep the video below...

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