Reheating Leftovers: U Got The Look...U Got The Hook

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

*While I'm still banning the likes of ABC for benching Ugly Betty and cancelling Pushing Daisies *sniff*, they might bring me back as a viewer with the idea to have Pharrell Williams be the subject of a new TV series. Pharrell? A TV Show? Where do I co-sign? Apparently, the rapper's life will be loosely set to an hour-long drama/comedy (tentatively titled Limelight) that will focus on a plot line about a performing arts college. Interesting...I wonder if they will put in the detail of Pharrell's talent for furniture designing...

*So jealous. I couldn't escape talking about this even though it's like two day old news....I slave away at school to one day have the opportunity to go to a Prince party. Seriously, I will do as many Stats problems and pronounce as many Spanish cognitives to get to have that honor...and hopefully he'll have a wham bam party like the one he threw Superbowl Sunday whenever I get my journalistic credentials. There were alot of amazing things that happened at the Prince party this past Sunday, and Pop & Hiss has all the scoop on all the electric sliding, DJ-ing and jam sessions that went down that night. What really shocked me more than Prince slaying out hits, "The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker" and "Irresistible Bitch" was that Anita Baker was there...Anita "Caught Up In The Rapture" Baker...where in hell did she rise from? Whatever, but I got some glee out of her and Debbie Allen electric sliding to "Controversy" at the party.

*Note to Teedra Moses...RELEASE A NEW ALBUM NOW. No more mixtapes PULEEZE! We, the fans, want some progress!! My new affiliates, My Mood Is Music, has got the whole mixtape of Teedra's that is called, Lionhearted for your listening pleasure. The tunes sound great and it seems to ploy one into thinking that Teedra is just getting warmed up for a new album release (which is the rumor that is circulating on the blog-o-sphere these days). As much as I would be ecstatic as a four-year-old kid pumped up on a sugar high about this, I just wish these songs were on an actual pressed glossy CD that I can easily pick up at Hastings for $10.95, thank you much. You can purchase Teedra's mixtape at her MySpace page...and it's pretty darn cheap!

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