Spin Me Right Round: 'So Intense' Indeed

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

True facts: Lisa Fischer was just in the right place at the wrong time. Flash to 1991, Fischer is fresh off of her gig as one of Luther Vandross's back-up vocalists. Her debut album, So Intense is gaining some spark due the thundering "How Can I Ease The Pain", the single is so powerful that it even gets a Grammy award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. Now come back to reality...While any gig is better than no gig, as Lisa Fischer is more famous now for being the vocal tigress on The Rolling Stones tours and most recently as the lead backing vocalist at Tina Turner's throwdown tour of last year, still I rather have her headlining her own tours. But alas, we can't always get what we want. It was bad timing when Fischer came out as she was battling fresh faced divas in training, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion and a pre-Bodyguard Whitney Houston, at the time of her debut. It seemed around the early 90's that there were alot of big voiced divas and only a select few would stick around longer to truly leave an impact. Deep down, if Whitney hadn't unleashed, "I Will Always Love You" the following year after Lisa's debut, I have no scruples that Lisa would've been a tough cookie to beat. Still, it wasn't like Lisa didn't bow out without a solid first effort. So Intense is a nicely packaged, elegant and slick little R&B nugget. Mid-tempos and ballads abound the release, but there is always room for a little funk as the striking "Save Me" literally hollers, "smash hit!". Lisa's vocal range is truly the main attraction as she takes simple songs like the bass pluck of "Get Back To Love" and moodiness of "Chain Of Broken Hearts" and makes them sparkle. "How Can I..." is nothing short of fantastic, and this is the type of ballad that seems to be extinct nowadays. Even the title track glows with warmth and power. One listen to So Intense and you wonder where the listening public went wrong, as Lisa Fischer is talent personified. 'So intense' indeed.

Rating: 9.2/10

Just watch...or rather just listen...wowie wowzers can she SING!....Diggin' on those gloves...


  1. I have 4 words THAT B**CH CAN SING. I hate the fact that talented women like her are always on the back burner because of whatever reason. I know you highlighted her in your last blog. I'm a fan for life.

  2. LOL, true that! Yeah, I have to highlight her on every blog I do, just in case no one knows who she is...becase you will with me! It was so shocking seeing her at Tina's concert last year and she still has THAT voice. And I didn't even recognize her until Tina introduced her and I was freaking out...my friends were like "What is her problem, it's just a back-up singer" LOL...love this album


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