Adventures In Irrelevancy: Pharrell Dances For A Filet-O-Fish

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's been a looong and stressful what's a good way to release the tension? Seeing Pharrell Williams transform into a dancing fool at a McDonald's in Paris. Oh, what a creative force he is! Especially his rap about McDonald's munchies which made me realize that there are a cornucopia of choices at the fast food restaurant, and yet none are appetizing. Okay, I admit I'm weak for their apple pie and fries....just a bit. Still I'm in peels of laughter over the chicks behind the counter who are so unamused by the performance. Shoot, that was a free performance from the illustrious Pharrell, you should be applauding like crazy!


  1. LMAO! Pharrell is hilarious! He is cute, I would have given him whatever he had to order! Those French biotches are stuck up, fo sho. Yes I'd like a Big Mac with a side of Pharrell, thank you kindly! Also, props on having Daniel by Bat For Lashes on your Top 10. I have it on my myspace playlist as well along with other fantastic tunes. I saw your twitter and that you're set to graduate in the fall. YAY! Are you gonna be able to move out of your apartment in December or what? We'll discuss the gameplan next time we hang, which better be sometime this weekend. Love ya diva bestie!

  2. A Big Mac in France is called a Le Big Mac. He should have said that. I guess he didnt watch Pulp Fiction

  3. LMAO!! It was definitely creative of Pharrell to do that.

    Pity that McD's food is so bland and tasteless. lol

  4. LOL @ Woosh, McDonald's is good when you haven't had it for a LOOONG time. Also after seeing that 'Super Size Me' documentary where this guy eats nothing but Mickey D's every day for months...I got turned off

  5. so i wonder if it actually worked or not in the end? to be honest, i'd rather eat airplane food than mcdonald's!!

  6. I'm veggie, so I don't go near it. lol

    But when I wasn't, I worked at McD's while doing my studies, the job was crap yeah, but it paid for my books and stuff, you get to see stuff from the other side. It definitely puts you off. That Supersize Me film was rank, some of the stuff it shows you, there's a clip on youtube where he's testing how long it takes to mould compared to other fast food outlets. Urgh! lol

  7. This is one of the funnist things that I've seen in a long time. 2 all beef patties special sauce lettice cheese on a seseme seed bun. Classic. But I love Pharell.


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