Album Watch: The B-Funk To Return In '09

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Love, love me some Beverley Knight. So I was pleased as Hawaiian Punch that my blog buddy, Sexy Never Left, gave me the heads up that Miss Knight is in the studio at the moment, working on some more greatness for a new album. The Queen of UK Soul was kind enough to post a vid on YouTube about what's she's been up too on this new effort and from the sound of things, it's going to be another winner, especially since she's working on this effort with..... *drumroll* Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Oh, so exciting! Expect the album to drop this summer and peep the video below to hear more, plus view that glorious scarf that Bev is sportin'. What? I like scarfs.


  1. I didn't think it'd take long for the news to reach you. lol Exciting, isn't it!! I cannot wait for the new album, the demo has certainly wet my tastebuds for more material.

    This artist certainly steps up her game with each release, her last label fluffed up with promoting her, so it's nice to hear she's on her own label now after waving them turnips bye bye. lol

    People don't understand that this artist has been around for over a decade with pretty limited success, she is definitely the Queen of British Soul, no doubt.

  2. I seriously screamed when I saw this on your blog...nerd I am, LOL. Bev should be a bigger hit over here in the States, but alas we overlook for lesser talent, LOL.

    'Affirmation' and her last album, 'Music City Soul' are some of my fave albums of all-time, she's got massive talent and I can't wait for this!

  3. oh yes! her track "Gold" does things to me. I'm curious to hear her new stuff!


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