Album Watch: 'Crazy New Sound' For Robin In '09

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Talk about some quickness. Robin Thicke has been burning the midnight oil recently as he's in the process of crafting a new album to follow up last year's Something Else...and we could be seeing this album by the end of this year. Billboard is reporting that the soul man has been cooking up some new tunes with Pharrell Williams, Jeffery Bahsker (whom has worked with Kanye West) and newcomer producing team, the Surf Krew. Robin said that he's got about 15 new songs already completed and that his music this time around is a "crazy new sound"...So you know what that means...Robin's has taken a swig of Red Bull and is adding more synthesizers to the mix a la John Legend's Evovler. Electro-charged soul is coming to our ears very soon, my children. As a Robin Thicke fangirl, I can't help but be a little jazzed, but seriously, I'm still playing the heckle out of Something Else (me and about four other people) and don't need a new album now...but what the hell, Robin was probably pissed they snubbed him at the Grammy's this past year and he's just getting on the ball this year. Nothing makes better music than a little angst, synths and some new bring it on Robin!


  1. I was thinking the exact same thing. Like I really like Something Else, was not as good at the The Evelution but listinable, and the fact that Robin also plays a piano is a plus but I think he needs a shot of Red Bull as well.

  2. Wow, I wonder what the rush is!

  3. Yeah, 'Something Else' is not up to par with 'The Evolution' (which blew me away when I first heard it)but I really enjoyed it, I'm like Will, I wonder what the rush is? But I'm guessing it's because 'Something Else' and its singles didn't stick on the charts, or the Grammy snub? I don't know...


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