Artist Watch: VaVa...VV Brown

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

As one of my goals this week is to finally pass a Statistics exam (wish me luck on Thursday!), another personal goal is to find a new artist everyday....I've been going on a rampage finding new tunes and artists to worship. Call it boredom with the mainstream or just something to pass the time so I won't have my days filled with percentiles and scatter plot graphs. So on this adventure, I'm introducing you to VV Brown, a wild pop child who has recently captivated the ears of many pop-electro fanatics in blogdom. And she has definitely captivated my eardrums as well. Brown, whom helms from the good old UK, first released a song last year called, "Crying Blood" last year. Since then, she has performed with the always fun, Lady GaGa and is touring with Ladyhawke and The Ting Tings *eeee!!* And if that's not enough cool beans, she is set to release her debut, Traveling Like The Light on May 11th of this year. VV Brown's style is best described as 60's go-go with a rock n' soul twist. While the lazy comparison would be the British version of Janelle Monae...but she quite reminds me of 90's raptress Betty Boo during her GRR! It's Betty Boo days, just with a better singing voice :) Just recently, VV dropped, "Quick Fix" which title explains so much, as it is a short n' sweet sound byte that will getcha arse grooving in no time. Check out "Quick Fix" below, get your free download of it here and keep a watchful eye out for what Ms. Brown has in store for us in '09 as it sounds like it's going to be one big thrill ride!


  1. VV Brown has been on my radar for a while now. Hoping to catch her live at the end of the month!

    Will be sure to check back and see who else you feature.

  2. That's awesome Soul UK! I wish I could see her live, I've been hearing that she puts on a great show.

    Oh, and thanks for the add, I have added you to my blogroll as well! Great site you have :)


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